Monday, March 12, 2012


It's kinda headache ..
Rumors is fine with me but ... Hahaa doubting ..
Why recently i am so close with those Guy that is totally not available , HUH ?! WTF ! 
I like you but this is not the storyline that i supposed to be in with ..
Yeah .. God ! Getting awesome here ... what a journey to learn :)

Ah Pan ... Where are you ?! Let's chit chat !  >"<

Getting delay

Hey sorry everyone for the delay ! 
Superb one 0.o

After CNY , i was really busy with worked till funny rumors keep on coming out such as i have so called relationship with drivers .. ? HUH ridiculous , i guess 0.o'

Well , 4th of March , my grandma passed away on Sunday , It was so sudden ! At that time , i was having a tea break with Din after receiving this news , my tears started to drop so conclusion Din asked me to go back to the car .. so i can have place to chill without a lot of people stared at me , Poor Din ... i guessed some people actually thought that he bullied me .. aww i liked him :) thanks for the helped Din ! ( well , he's not even in blogger ) Haha ! I did tell Din , glad he was with me at that time because kinda crazy day , after done with the tears and then continue work like crazy lady , NOT COOL BUT ENJOYED :D

Took myself a few days off so can clear my mind off and went back to attend my ah ma's funeral , rest in peace grandma :)

After i came back , rumors continues ! Tiring or what ?
Some more , there's a junior kid i like .. my friends thought he's gay ?! oh WTF ! 
At that time my mind was totally what in the world its happening to all those good looking guy ?! Huh .. Shock ! Surprised ! Freak out alright ! Well ... Then something crap happened that day .. well .. conclusion was he's still him :)

Rumors between Din and I .. havent end . Ugh ! 

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The day before CNY

It's been a while i didnt update my facebook ! Waa .. Super duper sorry :P
Happy Chinese New Year everyone :D i wonder how's your holiday ? About mine , haha busy working as a Tourist Guide ? Huh ?! Haha .. yes it was :) i had been working for 8 or 9 days before CNY started . Multitasking alright .. Get myself tan a again :D
Before CNY , i went back to KL for 9 days .. At least spent some time with Ah ma and cousins of mine , and doggy also :D . Plus , i had a chance to hang out with Ah Pan ! :) Gladly ! because i know when i came back Sabah , i might end up working , instead of having day off with friends . This year is so different , people having holiday and i am working LOL ! I can said that i was so tiring but i enjoyed it :D

The Funny part was , i was holding banner and waited the guests to come out from terminal and when the guests came out , she asked me : are you Korean ? I was like 0.o hmm ? me ? Haha No :D inside my heart i was happy LOL jumping around :P

 This is Ah Pan , my bestie :D

This is Inai or you can say Henna .. I went to Mari-Mari Cultural Village , again ! 
Yeah ! i was hoping to have this again , Inai Haha Happy ! Happy Me
Then , my guest asked me , how come yours is prettier than mine ?
I was like 0.o oh crap .. i directly change topic and asked her to go front seat hahaha ! 
Just to let you know , i love Inai :)

Saturday, December 31, 2011

New days always come

Count down from the first day till now .. Mostly people do that :) i guess
Christmas already past and a new year come , the biggest failure is .. i haven't even loss any weight ! Ugh ! Haha .. That's it ! New Year , New inspiration again ? :) Yes i am ! Weee 
The funny thing was , i was watching "the crazy thing called love" , its a Thailand movie :)
It's kinda silly but maybe it might work ? For me to loss weight :P

This year so many things happen , but really think about it .. kinda forgot ? Hahahaaa seriously i am not joking .. But i guess , neat year will be more challenging :) GET A FIT LIFESTYLE ! i think this will be first one to think about :D Seriously !? :(
Life is getting interesting here , talk about guys .... Hahahahahaha i have no idea what had happened to me ="= describe as in tiring ? enjoying ? insulting ? loving ? caring ? Haha .. still searching and try to enjoy :)
This year Christmas i didn't receive any present but i did get a present that was gathered with family and enjoy durian time together :) The moment of being together with family . I bet you are better than mine . Right :D

Since today is 31st of December 2011 , Think about what you achieved this whole year , what have you did .. Haha same here ... the thing i achieved was i gained weight ? WTH ! Another thing is .. i just finished my LNG course as in Licensed Nature Guide Course , Whao ... seriously i never think of getting one and yes now i am waiting for the result and the small little card with my picture on it , identity card for guide . That will be my next year life :) Thinking about swimming but firstly get myself a swimming suit .. ugh ! 烦 ! And an easy one , cycling .. Or even do seat up ... So i can a fit life and even a proper meal ! :D
and now how to dress myself properly .. since this year , i always consider myself as in dinosaur haha ...

Suddenly dont know what to say .. Have a nice blessed wonderful new year everyone ! Take care and stay amazing people :D

Friday, December 9, 2011

It's getting near

Oh my Goodness !!!
Its getting near , Christmas is coming 0.o To think about it what happened this whole year , and all i can think of is .. oh i am still that chubby ?! Kinda sad to type it out here .. Oh well . .  Next year again ! And again , yeah kinda plan to go for a Mount hiking , Mountain Kinabalu ! Here comes the exercise :P i did thou . . i can say i am not a good runner ! ="= Wish me all the best LOL ! 

How i wish ..
To get a nice camera 
To get a nice Nike sport shoe
To get a nice cellphone 
To be a better sense of humor person :D
To get a nice body ? if i work it out ="= Tsk tsk tsk..

Haha .. all i can say "i wish" :) Don't worry .. i am not gonna raise my hand out and say : mummy daddy i want these ? LOL ..

i am waiting for next year :) so i can get an official job :D and earn my own money again ! haha ! i wish ! Just so you know :) i am waiting my Tour Guide license to come out , and i hope that i will be a awesome marks because i dont want a boohoo result ="= especially nearly Xmas day :T If i fail , my goodness .. i just better go for DJ or a study vocal . What the heck , so money to dump 0.o i dont want that (T.T)

I had been busy for a while and to think back , maybe because if Halloween night and Exam fever last week .. Time Flies ! Semester 7 coming soon , that will be my internship :) Just because of all these , i almost been away from those fashion life style i always stalk LOL , my pet - guppies and recently i didnt go for a jog :( Crap . . But dont worry i will come back again , very soon ! So that's why , now i am starting to stalk fashion lifestyle  people's again .. this wonderland of mine never end :)

About the fashion lifestyle that i stalk .. Haha i am still me , a dinosaur LOL :D

I wonder how is Miss ANNIE doing :) Hope she's having a nice winter day

Recently , i was driving around .. i have heard a song .
The singer is Christina Perri ,  i can say that i am not really a huge fan of her but one of her song " A Thousand Years " is Amazing ! Thumb's up for this song :)

Dear ..

Dear friend or so call bestie ,
sometimes i dont know what situation are u in or what you're facing , but i hope you will be fine and i will be here for you , gladly God created human , and for human , they are smart enough to create such technology , mobile = handphone = cellphone .. Haha ! Text me up , and sorry for being MIA for these few days (o.o) because my phone still on barred mode ~

You mention about car .. If my car can fly , i will let u in my car and do it again the same thing you did to my car . LOL ! and i will be a sincere driver friend of yours :)

Well , when will be your turn ? :P or even mine ?

miss you ^^

Thursday, November 17, 2011


This is not what i expected . Firstly , i thought that its kinda cute and funny when i know that the junior likes me for quite some times , around 2 semester ago . Recently , i heard more than one info about he likes me , 3 of girls told me and asked me the same question , do i like him ? what you feel ? will you like him ? After seeing him ,what did you feel ? what is this ?! i can still keep this as like " i dont know anything" . i can handle some of it but recently just because he's getting to be nice or close to me , i try to reject in a good way because i dont have the feeling of liking him and i dont wanna hurt him also FOR THE SAKE OF GOD !  WHAT IS THIS ? The burden is getting heavier after i heard one of the girl told me more about him , feeling gloomy because he scare he might lose me ? what is this :( Then this girl asked me again , do you like him ? ALL I CAN SAY , PLEASE STOP ASKING ME ..
I really wish i can have my bestie here , to drive me around like nobody business :)

If really wanna talk about it , i can say , he's a good guy , last time my friends asked me "if" he likes you and now , FOR THE SAKE OF GOD ! he do really likes me :T for what i know , he likes me since 2 semesters ago. Now i keep on wondering , what does he like about me ? Its like having a dramatic scene here =.= i hate this .. But i wanna say i dont hate him , the junior , i just dislike ppl keep on asking me the same thing . Just because of i wanna graduate soon , so these kind of questions ask by these 3 girls. After knowing all these, i still keep this emotion in me and dont wanna show it out .. so everything will be smooth and stupid thing was, i didnt expect i just hurt him ? and funny thing was, i feel guilty ?! WTHeck   is this ? The reason that why he upset , i already knew , its kinda sweet for what he did , although its kinda clumsy too ? Well . . totally no comment about it . F ! hmph ! Ugh ! Trying to be okay and scare to hurt ppl . End up , like i am the one in INSANE mode soon .  

This is not what i want but i dont want to hurt him too :T
stupid burden , kinda tiring . 
I hope i can find a good answer :) Let's go with the flow , Shall I ? :)