Saturday, August 28, 2010

Before i sleep

Good morning everyone ! yes ! i am crazy again . . i was waiting my friend to text mer but end up i was updating blog now . . what a relief and listening to SHINee - lucifer . . haha . . repeat and repeat . . this's how it goes ~
Was planning to GRAB him out for a while for ice cream or whatever thing that can do in small city here but end up . . nothing happen, cool right . . haha believe it ! Lately . . i am still take a good look on those fashion blogger ppl . . For the love of God , i must be gone crazy , yeah ! i even told my friend, if i have 1000 bucks now . . i will buy clothes , everything girl likes . . and even heels thingy , THIS IS SILLY ! my imaginary its over stupid alright :D haha !
Oh blame to my friend here :p . . plus , my hair getting longer ! HAPPY ! i wait for so long that i've already forgot how long was it :D ah ha ~ Well , patience on the hair a lot (="=) not easy , nowadays HOT some more , alamak ni ! Food season gonna come soon ! Real soon ! 4 months plus . . to be thin or diet or exercise /fit , OMG ! 4 months . . count down- ing ! REALLY ! not a bluff thing . . truly ~ anyway , it seem that getting more and more ppl are playing twitter or any other stuff that show the person what does he/she doing recently . . 0.o all super stars ! haha ! hmm . . oh getting sleepy .ZZZ


Monday, August 23, 2010

Recently again

Recently , i don't know what's got into me , yes , fashion ! i cannot believe my eyes that i have this kind of weird feeling for "Fashion" , OMG ! Truly ! okay , i was casual wearing girl , seriously ="= and don't know when , i started to view people's blog . . fashion blog , end up i started to like it , and just this afternoon , although i didn't buy the baby jacket , its like white "shushu" one , hahah ! i don't know how to describe that because i asked from my korean teacher , Ms Elly ! She's Cool ! anyway , i like korean fashion style thou ! Haha ! Oh , back to the jacket , end up i didn't buy that of course cause its expensive although its already less don't know how many percent was that . . For the love of God ! this is bad news for me ? or good news that i finally becoming a girl ? Huh ?! headache . .

talk another type of headache
that's it happen only in school/college . . there's a junior , a girl , i don't really get her name thou , saw her few times, and she even called me cute for more than few times . . i thought it was only its for fun for her to play that way , telling ppl that they are cute , but the problem is , its more than few times , so now , IT FREAKS ME OUT ! ! ! tell me what to do ? cause i don't really know what to do . . God ! bless me ! well . . hope everything will be well soon ! i really hope that :)

god bless & take care folks

Sunday, August 15, 2010

simple smile

I was driving early in the morning around 8am , haha for me its early ! but then as a driver[me] waiting the traffic light to go -green- but it still -red- at that time , i turned my head to right side then i saw a kid was looking at me , with a simple smile , curly hair , what a cute little tiny little kid . . sometimes kid can be so annoying but truly , yes they are are cute monster haha ! -SOMETIMES- anyway , i was waving to the little kid , and she waved back too ! Aww. . it adores me till now . what's next ? the -green- light came of course ~ i waved to that kid and said bye bye .. just because the kid smiled to me , i realized my day just a simple happy day too ! bless that little kid :D haha !

Friday, August 13, 2010

Woman is a sexy creature

Why did i say so
Just because of, watching " salt" awesome ! For me , actually i wanna say that its still okay , normal me look at Angelina Jolie in the Tv , its like , cool but after i just watched one of her latest movie & i realized that She's really a gorgeous Woman ! haha the way she acted her character "salt" omg amazing ! Well, both of the color that she dyed her hair , nice also :D haha ! i want to say that the movie , salt's husband , what a sadness ! Good that Salt killed them =.=
Yeah , i finally know why their's a lot of human out there LIKE HER SO MUCH , I THINK I GET IT XD

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

busy with the assignment & etc

Yes, busy ! well i like busy "sometimes" because the times past faster . . i'm not meant the age here , haha ! anyway ! august here ! Yeah ! hmm.. recently i dont know how to do my assignment cause I JUST DONT KNOW ~ alamak~.~ bare with me !
Oh yeah , i have a friend, she shut down her facebook, and she dont play msn as well . . she only play sms ! aint that cool ? living without internet , claps for here ! because not much of ppl living around here that can live without internet . . really cool . .

Yes ! its hot and cool day recently , oh my hair =.= i feel like wanna cut it short again 0.0 yaiks ! 忍!NOT EASY AT ALL . .

dont know what to write now haha ! thats all for today !

Monday, August 2, 2010

what Tv channel i've been watching

Good evening everyone or good morning ! haha~
i had been watching "dance" movie lately and it makes me wanna learn dancing , yes ! i wanna dance like the "step up 2 " haha . . i must be dreaming :D seriously . . Last 2 or 3 weeks i was also watching another "dance" movie but the problem was i have TOTALLY FORGOT what was the title name (=.=) Darn ! hmm . . take out my identity card and look how old i was . . haha getting old here , not young as before ~ well . . i wanna learn DANCE ! because it moves a lot that you can totally forgot about exercise ? haha . . one of my silly idea . crazy right ? yeah ! waiting those nice movie coming out ! yeah Salt already out . . Hmm... waiting the wise time to watch XD haha ! oh yeah , before i went to orchestra , i was watching ASTRO channel HBO , "flirting with 40" haha . . it nice ~ not bad haha ! its not dancing thing , but this was like surfing ! COOL ! Hawaii ~~~~ WOOO ~~~~~~~

okay , thats all for today !
take care !