Monday, August 22, 2011


Lately .. i am also having a kind of feeling that missing someone again ? huh . . am i changing a new t shirt ? LOL i dont know .

Well , listened to my friend through phone and text , i feel like wanna give him a hug :) but thanks for letting me a chance to be your bestie job . Seriously , i dont really know how to comfort you . The words that i only can say is , i cannot be your tear but i can be your handkerchief :) i hope that you can find your answer soon .

Back to mine , although i have the heart to see adorable guys but still . . i miss the most is only one , haha , i am a gemini LOL but i am sincere too .. another new wall again eh ? i dont know , because i cant really communicate well with him because he's not really good in communicate with me , plus he's shy >"< Aint that adorable ?! LOL i know i'm silly . Although we cant really chat well , but just 3 simple words just touch me , he just said "i miss you" . Aww ! Adorable . Sweet :)

Our conversation was kinda simple .
Since that he's shy .
So i just asked him then , if i stand in front of him , will you say it directly to me ?
and Yes was the answer i've got . lovely :)

Haha , when will it ends again . LOL

2nd week of July

Quite some time i didnt update my blog !
Super duper sorry !

After the trip to Kudat [ JPO ]
Then another week again , i went to Mantanani Island again . Amazing eh ? What a fate with the sun alright . One word to say , TAN ! Last year , we went this island was on November . For this time , we visited the island on July , the weather wasnt really nice thou :T pity . Raining cats and dogs ="= During night time , not much of the stars :(

Gladly i managed to go snorkeling haha " everyday i snorkeling" LOL !
Not much to say but i miss the first time we went , not the 2nd time :T

i was enjoying drinking my Cola while waiting the rained to stop
Look at the posted. This is funny alright .
Course mates
Evonne and I

What and ART haha !