Sunday, October 30, 2011

Surrounding by You

First of all , i am not sure whether my grammar correct or not . Haha !
Since my previous posted about my october :) Just to let you know , i skipped cell group for quite sometimes :D SHAMEONME ! Yeap , some people did ask me , where have you been ? -TOING ~ i'm sorry for being missing in action >"<

Few years ago , i was just a normal person went to church and see those people standing on the stage and worshiped . I was amazed by those people that i surrounded by and dramatic tears of mine started to drop down . Touching Huh o.o , for me i never think of going up to the stage with those people up there . It just happened last year , i had the chance to go up to the stage with brothers and sisters :) From that stage , i can see all the faces that i wasnt familiar with , it was so awkward for me :T myself . LOL ! Many months i was standing there , so i started to get use to it . Early morning i was surrounding with worship leader , musicians and vocalists , i looked at them[brothers and sisters in church] , some with sleepy faces :D , sometimes i just smiled :) it's kinda funny to see thou [ if you want to feel it too , try stand at the stage of your church ] hahaha ! Then you know what i mean here :) Its kinda make my day brighter xD

I open my ears to listen to all the melodies that sing out by to brothers and sisters. It's kinda wonderful when you listen and i can see familiar faces with a bright smile when they come in and with the wave of their hand  , I LIKE ! I never thought that i'm gonna stand on the stage for more than a year 0.o - toing - 

Bla Bla Bla ~
Just because of my LNG course , quite sometimes i didnt go back to church ~ and then back to vocalist life again . Back to the normal life in church again . Huh..
But this morning its different :) i wasnt stand on the stage , the feeling is back to few years ago , i was sitting the normal seat that i usually do with my family , look at the stage surrounded with peoples again . In them , i can hear their voices , the melodies and the harmonies . I am so glad to stand back the way i normally do and i am honor to stand on the stage . Although its different position but gladly i am still surrounding by you :)

Here's the hillsong :)

Saturday, October 22, 2011

My October

It's been a while i opened my blog here and i had realized that it was more than a month i didnt open it ! Haha ! shame on me . Well , today's topic is My October , yeah it's been a while and recently i was so busy with new things or can say new journey for me as a trainee , huh . Below , there's some photos of me of course haha ! Well , like i said i dont own camera and so i copied from my friend :D Gladly have facebook network :) okay , let's start . 3 weeks ago or nearly 4 weeks ago , i was in a course , LNG course , Licensed Nature Guide course , almost 2 weeks of studies and 1 week for practical at Sabah Tea , one whole week , drank either Tea or Milk Tea . Fresh alright ! and i super duper liked it :) not only that , i even forgot to bring my purse ? wallet with me hahaha and gladly i didnt even need them ! So we were staying at long house for a week and enjoyed the scenery of Mt.Kinabalu as well ! Amazing :)

huh , i didnt remember much about this photo haha but i liked it !

If i not mistaken , i was waiting my turn examiner to come .. or maybe not :D 

About this one , my friend took a photo of me , i was sleeping at that time . i like my cap , stich & Ray Ban :) 

 Again , Rebecca is her name and Happy Chubby Square Face me :)

After i done with my course month , i went back to college for test , crap ="= i hope i will pass my test since i was using mostly common sense answer :D haha ! It was of the 4th week after the LNG course , a bit tiring but i can still go on :) After that . . i was having my high tea with friends of mine , while i was having it , suddenly Rebecca[ the girl with the Doraemon T shirt ] called me that i had my first duty 0.0 WHATTHEHECK .. i couldnt believed it . haha ! So , it was so new and i felt damn exciting ! skip the nervous situation LOL ! My friend asked me whether they're good looking or not , haha ! crazy == yes they are good looking alright LOL and with the good heart :) Yeah , my duty was bringing the Navies to Mount Hiking , WOOHOO ! Amazing ! 

i was trying to avoid but end up i was still here in the picture LOL , anyway the nice man there , his name is George Zimmerman  :) Thanks to him ! i managed to find the other navies :D

Lastly , What a classic picture haha ! Mt.Kinabalu :)
Actually the navies that i guided , they are US Navy ! Super awesome :)
End up i learn something from them , " what's up"