Friday, April 29, 2011

Doubt or Sweet

Haha ! how come i said doubt or sweet on this post ? Haha .. i doubt myself how firm will i be on this super like on an Adorable guy . My firm means will i like or over like this friend because to tell you the truth , is a bit risky here . . Never expect myself will like a kid that much :( crap . . This is bad or a bit of good news on super like ? haha . . hopefully there will be a conclusion >< hmm..

Have a nice day everyone !

Sunday, April 17, 2011


I have no idea about this . Yeah today topic is sweet ,why ?
Haha .. Last 2 weeks , i met this guy , quite cute , super adorable [ kinda happy thou ]
Few times went to this little food or snack restaurant , he's working there as part time , i think ?
Then , thanks to my friend here , haha i had this chance to stare at him [ shy ] i know my age , but it is hard to stop if a adorable guy appear :) for your information he's very young haha .
Few times in and out and saw him around . So , my friends thought i over like him :D haha ! i mean i like to see him but not "over like" . Haha , end up they're saying something stupid such as , "steph likes you " , my goodness =.= those friends of mine . When he passed by , then they say something funny again :S toing ?!

Another week came , so my friend , cupid , she said she's gonna take his number , i thought she's just joking around , then one night cupid and i send a guy home since nobody wanna sent him home XD pity him ! i was the one driving , so my cupid friend sat beside me . The conversation was like this while i was driving .

Cupid : Hey , are you staying alone ?
Guy : No , i have got room mates
Cupid : Your room mate ?
Guy : Yeah , a Taiwan room mate .
Cupid : Oh , how long he gonna stay ?
Guy : He's going to leave around August .
Cupid : oh , if its like that , can i have his mobile number ?

[From that moment , i thought my friend wanna move in since this Taiwan Guy going to leave by August ]

Guy : why do you want his number ?
Cupid : i just want it ~
Guy : 0.o later my room mate doesn't like it when i give his number to other people.
Cupid : i won't tell him . Ehh .. give me ~
Guy : okay 0.o

[ just reach in front of his house ]

Guy : thank you for sending me back
Cupid : Hey , ask your room mate to come out . [ me : 0.o toing ? ]
Guy : huh ?
Cupid : Just asked him to come out ~

[ after he left from my car ]

Cupid : steph , where's your mobile ?
Me : 0.o huh ? oh .. here it is
- few mins later -
Cupid : okay i already save the Taiwan guy contact number in your phone . haha
Me : 0.o huh ?! Who ?
Cupid : Tuu ~ the Taiwan guy , you said he's very cute .
-few second later -
The guy asked the Taiwan guy to come out , we're at the car and guys were inside the house, So both guys looked outside while we looked inside =.= So funny . The Taiwan guy just look at us for few second then he went in . Haha so funny ! And i was shocked

Cupid : Haha your cute guy is staying here . haha !
Me : Huh ?! i thought you wanna have his contact number because u wanna move it 0.o
Cupid : Noooo . . . haha ! yeah you better text him steph ~
Me : i didn't realize that all the time , you were saying him .
Cupid : Yeah . His name is "J" [ Haha , not gonna spill his name :) ]

So here it is .
I just got another contact number in my phone . My cupid friend bothering me for a while , asking me did u text him ? haha.. End up i text him after few days later when i had his number , because firstly i have no idea what to text and his an international student . Interesting :)

We start text-ing alright 2 days ago , i think . One of his message while we text , i mean i like his text :) kinda sweet . I also wanna be your friend . Gladly , i just make a new friend c:

Very sudden things just happen and without realizing , i just had his number . haha .
what a wonderful day :)

Friday, April 8, 2011


Another topic , sekali gus ni , haha !
Recently , there's two girls name Lufy and Shena . First one Lufy , i don't know why or when it start these weird pet peeves , that is start to psycho me a lot . Lufy asked to join her for shopping after school , then after that we went into a dress shop and then started to dig some nice outfit . Suddenly both of us saw a very nice one . of course every dresses are fantastic and talk about price of the dress , i don't know about it . There's black and red for the same pattern of the dress . Oh well , suddenly my babe here 0.o Steph .. This suit you well 0.o TOING ?! I was stunned there and walked out from the shop , haha but then i went back in few second later . I thought she was joking around but then it wasn't 0.o Gosh .. Just because from the dress or i was wasted a month ago , then my friend like trying to make me pretty , goshhhhhhhhhhhh ! She start with the topic , steph when can we go for jogging ? haha ! Trying to control me by avoiding some supper or less portion of tempting food that i like so much :S amazing . Even one time i was at house , a snack just so nice at the supper time 0.o but i munch for few times sudden though of mine appear said , Guilty ! Then i stop eating =.=

Few days later , lufy told shena about the dress and some girly stuff 0.o So shena suddenly also very happy to merge in about this pretty girl stuff . Shena started to text me with , when can go for work out ? and one of the messages were quite funny :D , she said dye my hair or even go for cute adorable Korean Fashion Style , amazing LMAO ! Shena even said , i wanna see u wearing make up - smoking eye , contact lense , eye liner . Weeeeee Faint !

These two girls here , i have no idea what they up to ?
Can you imagine i'm wearing something like they said ? Wasted look haha !
Another words , party animal !

-yawn- c:  

Thursday, April 7, 2011


Yeah ,its been a while i update my blog 0.o my goodness because of test and assignment , i felt so lazy to do so . Sorry ~ tonight topic is ! Messy ! Why ? Because too many "chap pa lang" situation happened around me , one word , MY GOODNESS !

Start with my friend , a cupid ? Playing around with the school tourism , suddenly the the whole tourism course all talk about "love" . What a season . So what happen to me ? Haha another cupid trying to fool me around said that one of the juniors like me , huh ?! When i heard it , i was like skip the topic and i didn't even get it why some people just like =.= WTF and then here it comes ! Just a fake rumors . At least nobody like me now especially the juniors . Then , another one come ~ remember i like fish ? yeah , often go to aquarium and hunt for fish :) the best part is , i saw a adorable cute guy , he's a worker at the aquarium ! i don't know why , i like to see his face . Then , darn , my friend , cupid , she knows i like one of the guy c: . We visit the aquarium few times , then my friend , cupid , trying to help me get number and details from him [ haha ! i'm not the one who want but since my friend insist , i have nothing to say because it is hard to control a cupid , right ? ] My friend asked me , who do i like , then i randomly explain , haha , then my friend randomly think about it haha ! Oh well , she only said , huh ? you like that guy eh ? He's okay only :) Few days later , she was aiming the guy and eye contact with me , during that situation , i was blur and i laugh so loud that , actually she aim that guy was the guy that i don't even like XD hahah ! i said that's not the one i like to see XD so funny ! She was like 0.o stunned ? haha . . After that the guys suddenly pass by , then i said aha ~ thats the one :) [ shy c: ] Haha ! i couldn't even imagine if my friend took the wrong guy's name or even number , that will be so funny ! Can you imagine i text the guy that i thought he is ? hahaha ! For your information , i still don't have the cute guy's details , LOL [ if u wanna know about that ] .

Another , again , messy . So a close friend at school , i can't really mention the name here , haha sorry ! he told me a secret , i couldn't really sure that was that a really secret ? Then next day , my friend told me that my guy friend , he likes someone . haha ! Then after that , i was playing around said , [ the playing situation was too long , lazy to do synopsis it ] sorry again~ then the next day i was tired and didn't get enough sleep =.= so Monday and Tuesday i was like a panda at school . Then , my guy friend thought i felt sad that he didn't like me , so i was so sad 0.o [ my friend , cupid , told me so ] so i direct text up my guy friend here and explain everything >< then my guy friend said , actually he likes everyone in tourism course friend . hahahahahahaha ! LAUGH MY ASS OFF ! After what i read and we were pm - ing . Conclusion , my guy , dude friend here , though i was in like with him haha ! But glad everything settle ! clear as a beautiful sea :)

How messy would that be ?! Weird . Better don't happen again =.= because its tiring .
Plus , i'm so scare that just because of misunderstanding situation , spoil our pure friendship relationship and THATS BAD ! :) i'm happy everything back to way it was or is :)

Messy or not messy . Thanks to God ! i'm glad these situation was over now :)
Recently ! in the mood of "dancing feel"
Night and take care c: