Sunday, November 28, 2010

What had i been upto pass few days

Ladies & Gentlemen ! How have you been lately ? I had busy life alright ! especially assignment . yes stupid assignment , because of this assignment , it makes me spilled out foul language and that's BAD ! but it didn't ruin my whole day :) no worry ! about presentation , haha still okay . . it won't fail x) i am sure about that !
Okay ~ next week will be our exam mode week , what a blaze week i am going to face soon . Think about it ! i'm glad that i have stress days , will think i am crazy that i like stress week or month ? To tell you the truth , stress can make me grow or even see things or fact clearly . I mention i like stress but still i cannot believe my eyes tomorrow is our exam already , ain't that awesome ? For me it is . . because i still haven't do my revision YET ! Fantastic ! Oh well , i will do my revision later on :)
Oh yeah ! Actually i was doing my window shopping around and suddenly a nice glimpse inside the window that is Ray Ban , OMG ! It is so cool ! if i need to own might as well earn money x) i don't know will it be mine or not . . haha ! so i surf on the web of Ray Ban
So cool ! but i don't know how much hahah ! silly me . .
Yeah , there's few things happen during school time and its bother me . . hope to solve it soon =.= it not , i will have headache day ever . .

Guess what ! my target is i need to have have nice abs and ass ! funny right ? :D

Friday, November 19, 2010


Guess what i'm addicted with ? i cannot believe my eyes , i like Korean Dramas again ! i mean seriously i like it very much ! not again , i actually dig back the dramas that i like it before and now :) hehe ~ Yeah so in the mood . For now i like Park Shin Hye so much ! yeah ! this is Park Shin Hye . She's lovely !

Yes ! This is her & i really like her with short / long hair ! aww . .
Maybe because of after meeting a Korean family and it makes me wanna learn more about Korean language 0.o how come i feel like i wanna multi task on languages . 0.0''' Funny right ?
or silly thought of mine ~ haha just wait and see . .

As a tourism student , i dislike sitting inside the office . i am those going here and there type . Hang around with the sun beach sea sky wind and what else ? of course sweat a lot :D sweat like a pig ! haha so conclusion is , i will be tan ! black tan ! Yeah . . the thing is in me , i feel like wanna be white a bit , you know ~ i'm in like mode in Korean life style haha ! in my dream right ? hahah . Now my hair like, half way , wanna trim it or cut it hahah ! How i wish i'm a guy , direct bald hair . . dont need to think that much x) well . . already accept the fact that i am a girl and i like a lot of colours !

in exercise mode , so i can gain the fitness that i want and prepare to go diving ! love sea so much . falling in love ~

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Great day

Its been a while that i didnt really go out with friends . i mean Saturday and Sunday because i always busy on these 2 days . Everyone enjoy their day on movie , shopping and etc. . For me , i hardly have this kind of time..

Guess what ! sometimes i have my own time x)
While Sunday , 14/11/2010, my friend Amanda , she was saying about books then i mention Sunday market , gaya street , there do sell 2nd hand book ! yeah ! so we went for that . We walked all the way at gaya street , we didnt manage to find any books ! but end up we played with kitties and puppies :D ahaha ! hot sunny day ! and i put my sun block on 0.o what a relief ! because i'm still sexy tan here ~.~ So , we're sweating and head to "Tong Hing" and we bought our self a peach drink ! Yeah ! and it was cool and nice air con inside x) ahaha ! we sat inside the car and start enjoyed our self and watching Suria 0.0 . Aint that amazing ? happy ! after that , we continue watching here and there ~ then suddenly , we head for movie :D haha ! sudden plan B came out ~ movie ! we bought tickets and we watched megamind . . freaking cool x) kinda awesome for a cartoon movie like that , actually we bought the normal one , because 3D[hmm..] so we decided to spend our money wisely :) What a great day ! i had fun Amanda x)
About this picture , i took it from the Korean little girl , she's kinda cute and she just searched for those nice shell and put it all together . i'm still waiting for my friend to upload the photos. patience Me !
Recently i really had a great day , week & month although headache on assignment and others . Well , it didnt effect me a lot , so no worries :D anyway , i've been thinking again , where am i going to practical eh ~ i have plan A & B and suddenly i have C . . thanks to joy :) yeah . . i still have 1 year plus to graduate ... wait till the time to come ~.~

i had a great day ! can you imagine i'm having sexy voice now ? sexy tan . . haha easy to imagine that but my sexy voice . . yeah really sexy , almost like a guy voice GREAT !
sexy babe ~

Saturday, November 13, 2010


Hello everyone ! well , for me , i dont have much of readers but for sure i have some beloved readers around me :) you know who you are aww . Yeah i just drop 1 touching mv here because its really touched me , touch me real good ! after i viewed it . . yeah i am crying , seriously , this was no joke :) some friend posted on facebook , well i'm gonna post it here so every readers can see it ! how wonderful :) Soldier comes home
just a simple click , wont harm you a bit :)

see those children hugged their dad :) sweet !

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

This is Great !

Recently i just like to say " this is bad " , i just couldn't stop saying that . So , i need to say this is great in here haha ! Silly right . . i am because i dont know what i want to do now . . Same old me , surf around people's fashion lifestyle , face book & etc.. Never ends ~ Guess what , i am still happy just because of the 2 days 1 night trip to Mantanani Island , like my soul still there , i was just joking x) i am so happy that i feel like i just ate chocolate and hyperactive around . . not kidding , when i meet my course mates , i will just approach to him or her , even my lecturer , i'm gonna say i'm still happy ~ just appear my face said I'M HAPPY ! After the school trip , i feel like i wanna learn back Korean language and that's no joke for me haha ! i dont know when will gonna happen ~ must be dreaming :) and to think about it , if i never take violin , i might take cello or guitar , amazing ! guitar much more easy to bring around ... but i think i will headache on the string 0.o so many strings . . ouch ~ hmm . . . i realized one thing , and the thing that i always check on is . . some pretty girls blog or pictures , and then i will say their are so pretty 0.o amazing alright ..

oh yeah , i wanna have nice abs haha [ funny and sudden thought ] but not easy =.='
remember i said the step up , yes ~ i still have this silly thought haha !

happy mode ! - just because i never stop falling in love with sea sun sky & yes beach x) - deeply in love AGAIN

Monday, November 8, 2010

Great day in Mantanani Island

Well , my first time college trip to Island with course mates are fantastic ! AMAZING !
Of course , very excited about the trip . . Scare i forgot to bring something important during the trip , and yes i did , i forgot to bring -pads- with me
haha ! Luckily , i managed to bought it from the shop ! x) sunny day ! Really ! blue sky , happy wind , bunch of silly mates waiting for the bus to come and head to island , haha ! Colors again ! happy ! okay , back to the topic haha . Yes ! woke up around 6am i think because i was nervous about if i forgot anything and need to triple checked my stuff , end up i i didnt bring junk food with me because my bag couldnt fit in those junk stuff anymore haha. I had my breakfast near school blue ginger . The bus came around 9.30am , and we've met the Korean family , aint it wonderful :) i didnt really count how many hours or minute duration inside the bus to Kota belud , and then tried on the flipper before off to the island , it took us 45mins [ if i not mistaken ] to the island anyway :) i think some people did pray for the nice weather during the trip and i am one of the them x) hmm ~ because before this trip really happen , this trip almost cancel just because of the Tsunami strike on Indonesia , Windy day and rainy day some more . . It's bothering the students and lecturer , it influenced a lot . How bad ><>

4 of us students were extremely happy in this photo and the korean family ! see me ? i bet you are ~
actually 1 more was at the front taking this photo haha !

we reach here Kota Belud , i dont really know what this place call , this was our transportation to Mantanani Island happy !

Yes ! The beach is amazing ! of course the weather is darn sunny !

Look at the Sea , Ain't sea b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l
Clean alright :)

We had our lunch here , and enjoyed the Sea view haha ! happy day sunny day awesome day

aww at the moment . . sit back and relax

its like a gigantic vegetable there !

Still like a vegetable for me :) fantastic [still can think of Food]

There's a hole inside this island or vege , i dont know how to describe these ~

i am funny but still HAPPY !

Only 2 days one night in Mantanani Island , although its kinda short trip but i feel like its kinda long and happy crazy moment ! Till now i can still feel the happiness in me , cool right ? Talk about sleep , of course i didnt really get a nice sleep during that night , i was sweating like a pig while sleeping , that's bad . . but it didnt bother my happy day haha ! Plus , i had my first time snorkeling at Mantanani Island ! Man ! Thats super duper awesome ! seriously ! Well , except the salty sea . . haha ! i love island sea sky sun beach sand windy some more ..

I will update some more because some photos i will get it from my friend asap :) haha !
the island story , havent end yet ~ Dont worry ! Be right back asap ~

the things is i dont have camera but i can see and feel the moment that the view is right in front of my eyes , fact it , the camera cannot take it for what i feel at the moment. HAPPY !

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

School Trip

yes a trip to Mantanani Island :D HAPPY ! EXCITED TOO ! YEAH !
Really excited to go , because i hardly go to island with friends thou 0.0 like never . . that'a a pity for me haha ! but still pity that my two course mates cant join :( amanda and sheena
hmm . . hopefully there's another nice trip so we can go together :D When i was small , i did go to visit one of the island but there was like 10 years ago , i dont know because at that i just go without asking my parents what island that we visited 0.o . . To re fresh here , i never been to other island except Gaya island for part timer haha ! and i never know how's Mantanani island look like , how far , how nice , how amazing , for your information looking on the google's image is not enough , and yeah let you know that i'm a tourism student haha ! tomorrow will be experience the hot sexy sunny sun beach and mostly the SEA ! HAPPY !

ps = wait for another trip that can be with Amanda (n.n)v & Sheena x) also . .


Walking around with a friend

Kinda happy that , today i'm not walking alone around my school , today walked around with my friend Amanda :D Amazing ! it's more than 2km away from our school 0.o cool . . although the sun its darn SUNNY , we still say cool ! haha ! maybe our brain just burned up haha not the skin ~ The thing was , i couldnt imagine that i just did something stupid that left my wallet at class 0.0''' ALAMAK MAN . . i hope it will not happen again ! really appreciated Amanda accompanied me to walked back to school from music mart , after got my wallet back . . we walked back again to music mart and visited ITC Taekwon Do , SUPER DUPER AWESOME ! Consider my age and my half old bones . . i don't know i can join that or not ahaha ! plus , for now i cannot make some time for new activity 0.o because i make myself busy lately , jeng jeng jeng wait for the perfect time to come . . walking around its fun ! it burned some oil or calories said by Amanda x) Wonderful !

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Jeng Jeng jeng ! I am holding a big magazine
first time , captured myself on the photo 0.o what a relief such thing happened to myself 0.o'''
back to the story haha !

Just intro a bit of this food culture magazine , since i'm a tourism student x) , if i not mistaken . how i had i got this magazine , actually i just took it from the cafe , the worker there just gave a extra copy for me , i think its a new Borneo.Insider.Guide [big] .

Talk about the cover first ! Amazing , mostly every people watch the food channel , will definitely know this Mr Andrew Zimmern [ Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern ] .
Inside the food magazine , [you need to read by yourself] , actually the big magazine intro about Sabah , Sarawak & Brunei's food or culture food :D . Simple Amazing is a wonderful thing to happen around here ahaha , i dont know what am i talking here !

i really think is a very new TO ME because i never seen one before until today ! big mostly talk about food or culture food , blogs that talk about food around here ( Sabah , Brunei & Kuching ) even kopi tiam , show you where you can find nice tasty food ~ :D ahah ! wonderful ! I wont talk much inside the big magazine now . . feel free go find that ! haha ! Well , mostly all of us like to eat to live ! haha ! so you know what i mean here . . I wonder when will be the new monthly big come out ? just wait and see x)
the magazine i'm holding its said October I December 2010 . .
Feel free to get one because its free of charge :)

Monday, November 1, 2010

For your information

Many thanks to Miss Glay , seriously, thank you :D
Normally . . For your information , i mean everyone also . . i usually comment back on the title's comment there . . i don't really do on the new title and reply because sometimes i forgot x) sorry about that ! but now its a bit different ! haha ! cause ~ someone just teach me how to "link" something ahaha ! HAPPY !

normally i will reply on the comment or the " chit chat " there ~

have a nice blessed day everyone !