Saturday, December 31, 2011

New days always come

Count down from the first day till now .. Mostly people do that :) i guess
Christmas already past and a new year come , the biggest failure is .. i haven't even loss any weight ! Ugh ! Haha .. That's it ! New Year , New inspiration again ? :) Yes i am ! Weee 
The funny thing was , i was watching "the crazy thing called love" , its a Thailand movie :)
It's kinda silly but maybe it might work ? For me to loss weight :P

This year so many things happen , but really think about it .. kinda forgot ? Hahahaaa seriously i am not joking .. But i guess , neat year will be more challenging :) GET A FIT LIFESTYLE ! i think this will be first one to think about :D Seriously !? :(
Life is getting interesting here , talk about guys .... Hahahahahaha i have no idea what had happened to me ="= describe as in tiring ? enjoying ? insulting ? loving ? caring ? Haha .. still searching and try to enjoy :)
This year Christmas i didn't receive any present but i did get a present that was gathered with family and enjoy durian time together :) The moment of being together with family . I bet you are better than mine . Right :D

Since today is 31st of December 2011 , Think about what you achieved this whole year , what have you did .. Haha same here ... the thing i achieved was i gained weight ? WTH ! Another thing is .. i just finished my LNG course as in Licensed Nature Guide Course , Whao ... seriously i never think of getting one and yes now i am waiting for the result and the small little card with my picture on it , identity card for guide . That will be my next year life :) Thinking about swimming but firstly get myself a swimming suit .. ugh ! 烦 ! And an easy one , cycling .. Or even do seat up ... So i can a fit life and even a proper meal ! :D
and now how to dress myself properly .. since this year , i always consider myself as in dinosaur haha ...

Suddenly dont know what to say .. Have a nice blessed wonderful new year everyone ! Take care and stay amazing people :D

Friday, December 9, 2011

It's getting near

Oh my Goodness !!!
Its getting near , Christmas is coming 0.o To think about it what happened this whole year , and all i can think of is .. oh i am still that chubby ?! Kinda sad to type it out here .. Oh well . .  Next year again ! And again , yeah kinda plan to go for a Mount hiking , Mountain Kinabalu ! Here comes the exercise :P i did thou . . i can say i am not a good runner ! ="= Wish me all the best LOL ! 

How i wish ..
To get a nice camera 
To get a nice Nike sport shoe
To get a nice cellphone 
To be a better sense of humor person :D
To get a nice body ? if i work it out ="= Tsk tsk tsk..

Haha .. all i can say "i wish" :) Don't worry .. i am not gonna raise my hand out and say : mummy daddy i want these ? LOL ..

i am waiting for next year :) so i can get an official job :D and earn my own money again ! haha ! i wish ! Just so you know :) i am waiting my Tour Guide license to come out , and i hope that i will be a awesome marks because i dont want a boohoo result ="= especially nearly Xmas day :T If i fail , my goodness .. i just better go for DJ or a study vocal . What the heck , so money to dump 0.o i dont want that (T.T)

I had been busy for a while and to think back , maybe because if Halloween night and Exam fever last week .. Time Flies ! Semester 7 coming soon , that will be my internship :) Just because of all these , i almost been away from those fashion life style i always stalk LOL , my pet - guppies and recently i didnt go for a jog :( Crap . . But dont worry i will come back again , very soon ! So that's why , now i am starting to stalk fashion lifestyle  people's again .. this wonderland of mine never end :)

About the fashion lifestyle that i stalk .. Haha i am still me , a dinosaur LOL :D

I wonder how is Miss ANNIE doing :) Hope she's having a nice winter day

Recently , i was driving around .. i have heard a song .
The singer is Christina Perri ,  i can say that i am not really a huge fan of her but one of her song " A Thousand Years " is Amazing ! Thumb's up for this song :)

Dear ..

Dear friend or so call bestie ,
sometimes i dont know what situation are u in or what you're facing , but i hope you will be fine and i will be here for you , gladly God created human , and for human , they are smart enough to create such technology , mobile = handphone = cellphone .. Haha ! Text me up , and sorry for being MIA for these few days (o.o) because my phone still on barred mode ~

You mention about car .. If my car can fly , i will let u in my car and do it again the same thing you did to my car . LOL ! and i will be a sincere driver friend of yours :)

Well , when will be your turn ? :P or even mine ?

miss you ^^

Thursday, November 17, 2011


This is not what i expected . Firstly , i thought that its kinda cute and funny when i know that the junior likes me for quite some times , around 2 semester ago . Recently , i heard more than one info about he likes me , 3 of girls told me and asked me the same question , do i like him ? what you feel ? will you like him ? After seeing him ,what did you feel ? what is this ?! i can still keep this as like " i dont know anything" . i can handle some of it but recently just because he's getting to be nice or close to me , i try to reject in a good way because i dont have the feeling of liking him and i dont wanna hurt him also FOR THE SAKE OF GOD !  WHAT IS THIS ? The burden is getting heavier after i heard one of the girl told me more about him , feeling gloomy because he scare he might lose me ? what is this :( Then this girl asked me again , do you like him ? ALL I CAN SAY , PLEASE STOP ASKING ME ..
I really wish i can have my bestie here , to drive me around like nobody business :)

If really wanna talk about it , i can say , he's a good guy , last time my friends asked me "if" he likes you and now , FOR THE SAKE OF GOD ! he do really likes me :T for what i know , he likes me since 2 semesters ago. Now i keep on wondering , what does he like about me ? Its like having a dramatic scene here =.= i hate this .. But i wanna say i dont hate him , the junior , i just dislike ppl keep on asking me the same thing . Just because of i wanna graduate soon , so these kind of questions ask by these 3 girls. After knowing all these, i still keep this emotion in me and dont wanna show it out .. so everything will be smooth and stupid thing was, i didnt expect i just hurt him ? and funny thing was, i feel guilty ?! WTHeck   is this ? The reason that why he upset , i already knew , its kinda sweet for what he did , although its kinda clumsy too ? Well . . totally no comment about it . F ! hmph ! Ugh ! Trying to be okay and scare to hurt ppl . End up , like i am the one in INSANE mode soon .  

This is not what i want but i dont want to hurt him too :T
stupid burden , kinda tiring . 
I hope i can find a good answer :) Let's go with the flow , Shall I ? :)

Thursday, November 3, 2011


Notice . I've heard it "Notice me" by David Archuleta haha ! Amazingly i like it :)
Well , i have no idea why i wanna update this . There's one time , i was in boring mode , until i texted my friend ~ The funny part was he said It's kinda stupid to fall in love with a kid . Haha ! This kid is super duper adorable :) i like this kid a lot LOL . Hmm .. quite some times i didnt see him , kinda miss him :T

Oh anyway , another guy haha ! 
Recently my college , we had organize an event named KCC GOT TALENT , it's also like a Halloween party :) So i dressed like a witch but a young witch LOL . I didnt notice or observed about one thing , my junior , during that night , i was in charge of leading the guest to their seats , while waiting the guest to arrive .. My junior suddenly looked at me and said , you're pretty [ hmm... Unexpected SHY ] >"< Whao . . Then i looked at him and said thank you :) It was kinda busy day . After everything done with the event , suddenly i think back about what he(junior) said , hmm.... kinda UNEXPECTED HUH 0.o 
About this junior of mine , it's my first time same semester with juniors although we can normally met in corridor or have lunch break together , and the girls(juniors as well) they like to play with him and i can say , it's noisy ="= and super loud ! huh.. me myself ~ either take a nap or just sit there look at them go insane 0.o crazy juniors .. he also can be insane with the girls but not for me :D GLADLY ! Suddenly a crazy guy like him can suddenly told me that i'm pretty 0.o it's a surprised . 

Talked about last week , my lecturer suddenly said that she missed my fringe and i said i think i'm gonna cut it or just leave it haha ! Then she said , some of us miss your fringe and its look good on you too . Then i asked who's us that you said ? and she also said .. he likes it because its kinda cute 0.0'' [ crap ] Then i asked , who's that ?! She just said , try you observe yourself . . Ugh i'm getting lazy to do so ~do i need to observe or notice 0.o

Then this evening , suddenly my friends talked about this him[junior] , yeah he actually like one of the girl .. but only some of them know about it , the girl name start with "S" and she's from KCC too . i was driving at that time and i suddenly STUNNED 0.o huh ..

what do you think ? Haha .. it freaks me out , again , then my friends said no wonder why you suddenly gone quiet in the car LOL ! Then they started with the topic : If he's really like you , how will you think of him ? OMG ! i never think of it ="=

Haha what do you think ? oh well . . This topic ends here :)

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Surrounding by You

First of all , i am not sure whether my grammar correct or not . Haha !
Since my previous posted about my october :) Just to let you know , i skipped cell group for quite sometimes :D SHAMEONME ! Yeap , some people did ask me , where have you been ? -TOING ~ i'm sorry for being missing in action >"<

Few years ago , i was just a normal person went to church and see those people standing on the stage and worshiped . I was amazed by those people that i surrounded by and dramatic tears of mine started to drop down . Touching Huh o.o , for me i never think of going up to the stage with those people up there . It just happened last year , i had the chance to go up to the stage with brothers and sisters :) From that stage , i can see all the faces that i wasnt familiar with , it was so awkward for me :T myself . LOL ! Many months i was standing there , so i started to get use to it . Early morning i was surrounding with worship leader , musicians and vocalists , i looked at them[brothers and sisters in church] , some with sleepy faces :D , sometimes i just smiled :) it's kinda funny to see thou [ if you want to feel it too , try stand at the stage of your church ] hahaha ! Then you know what i mean here :) Its kinda make my day brighter xD

I open my ears to listen to all the melodies that sing out by to brothers and sisters. It's kinda wonderful when you listen and i can see familiar faces with a bright smile when they come in and with the wave of their hand  , I LIKE ! I never thought that i'm gonna stand on the stage for more than a year 0.o - toing - 

Bla Bla Bla ~
Just because of my LNG course , quite sometimes i didnt go back to church ~ and then back to vocalist life again . Back to the normal life in church again . Huh..
But this morning its different :) i wasnt stand on the stage , the feeling is back to few years ago , i was sitting the normal seat that i usually do with my family , look at the stage surrounded with peoples again . In them , i can hear their voices , the melodies and the harmonies . I am so glad to stand back the way i normally do and i am honor to stand on the stage . Although its different position but gladly i am still surrounding by you :)

Here's the hillsong :)

Saturday, October 22, 2011

My October

It's been a while i opened my blog here and i had realized that it was more than a month i didnt open it ! Haha ! shame on me . Well , today's topic is My October , yeah it's been a while and recently i was so busy with new things or can say new journey for me as a trainee , huh . Below , there's some photos of me of course haha ! Well , like i said i dont own camera and so i copied from my friend :D Gladly have facebook network :) okay , let's start . 3 weeks ago or nearly 4 weeks ago , i was in a course , LNG course , Licensed Nature Guide course , almost 2 weeks of studies and 1 week for practical at Sabah Tea , one whole week , drank either Tea or Milk Tea . Fresh alright ! and i super duper liked it :) not only that , i even forgot to bring my purse ? wallet with me hahaha and gladly i didnt even need them ! So we were staying at long house for a week and enjoyed the scenery of Mt.Kinabalu as well ! Amazing :)

huh , i didnt remember much about this photo haha but i liked it !

If i not mistaken , i was waiting my turn examiner to come .. or maybe not :D 

About this one , my friend took a photo of me , i was sleeping at that time . i like my cap , stich & Ray Ban :) 

 Again , Rebecca is her name and Happy Chubby Square Face me :)

After i done with my course month , i went back to college for test , crap ="= i hope i will pass my test since i was using mostly common sense answer :D haha ! It was of the 4th week after the LNG course , a bit tiring but i can still go on :) After that . . i was having my high tea with friends of mine , while i was having it , suddenly Rebecca[ the girl with the Doraemon T shirt ] called me that i had my first duty 0.0 WHATTHEHECK .. i couldnt believed it . haha ! So , it was so new and i felt damn exciting ! skip the nervous situation LOL ! My friend asked me whether they're good looking or not , haha ! crazy == yes they are good looking alright LOL and with the good heart :) Yeah , my duty was bringing the Navies to Mount Hiking , WOOHOO ! Amazing ! 

i was trying to avoid but end up i was still here in the picture LOL , anyway the nice man there , his name is George Zimmerman  :) Thanks to him ! i managed to find the other navies :D

Lastly , What a classic picture haha ! Mt.Kinabalu :)
Actually the navies that i guided , they are US Navy ! Super awesome :)
End up i learn something from them , " what's up"

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Smart Me

Smart me LOL 
Today's topic funny thou ! i'm thinking to put smart ass but thinking of being rude here =.= ridiculous ~ i wonder how's everyone doing ? Hope you all doing great :)
I'm having a semester break here , a week , to think of it , its kinda short holiday for me LOL because nothing to do much :T Sometimes just feel free to surf around fashion blog , such as miss annie :D blog and others . . Very smart ! i like it very much . . To tell you the truth i don't have a very good sense in fashion but i'm good at in sense of humor haha ! If talk about my life style , sometimes a bit boyish and sometimes very girly 0.o , skip the girly part haha ! Recently i wear jeans and simple T shirt as my daily out-fit [ The beautiful sun is too sexy to shine ] Ugh.. Haha and My Ray Ban ! Wee ! i finally had my own Ray Ban ! :D Super Duper Happy ! Seriously ! Plus it all together like i'm in beach side . . haha ! 

Recently i've meet a Korean friend , its kinda happy to hang around with "him" :D [ there's a but ]  BUT am i too baby face =.= ? my age is start with chapther 2 but adults always mistaken with my age , they normally say : Are you 17 ? huh o.o''' or just finish SPM huh 0.o''' Kinda Funny to hear these conversation . Do you ever have this kind of situation happen before ? Hehe..

Last night , i was hanging out with my friends and i didn't realize my friend would said that , i'm a smart person ! huh ?! haha. .  Kinda Funny , maybe because of hang around with Korean friend ? She said i'm kinda smart as in meeting people also very smart LOL . Then i said " so do you feel smart to hang out with me" Then she said " yes"  - sudden pause - Hahaha thank you ! Actually i never think that i'm smart because i am not , but thank you for saying that ! it makes me fly for few seconds LOL , i am just joking ! Well , i don't have a pretty face to show someone i'm smart , but for what i know , i told my friend that , smart is come out from you , it glows out from the inside :)

Hahahahaha ! i couldn't believed it ! Someone just said i'm smart HUH ! Happy ! 
But there's a huge condition that i need to face , i'm still chubby =.= ugh... need to find solution here . Haha ! cheers chubby ! 

For your information , start next week 19th of Sept , i'm gonna start my tour guide course. Amazingly , i can't wait ! This week is a slow down week , and coming week . . will be a brand new life style ! Haha super tan here i come :D 

Friday, September 2, 2011

Without title

I have no idea what to think this title for now , so no title will be nice haha !
Hmm.. Recently i met some new friends and it was a nice time being with them as well . One thing that i didnt realized is , whenever i go , i bumped up with friends haha ! Kinda small city eh ? i dont know..

Because my friend told me so , why whenever you go , you just couldnt stop say hi ? haha . .
Yeah . . Just a luck maybe ? [ getting myself in a low profile , again ] :T

Meet some new friends is the best part of my life , recently i hang out with a Korean Friend name Rino :) Glad to know Rino alright ! Haha " i'm gonna learn extra korean lesson frm Rino as well" Happy !

Although we've met in not really long time ? But i glad our conversation are/were super duper fantastic ^-^
and i wish it wont be past tense , i'm going to look forward on future conversation as well LOL . Hope it works !

haha brain's going blank . end here .

Jeng Jeng Jeng

The moment of wanting to update my blog , my friend just called me to go out now . Great ! 
Stay tune.

Monday, August 22, 2011


Lately .. i am also having a kind of feeling that missing someone again ? huh . . am i changing a new t shirt ? LOL i dont know .

Well , listened to my friend through phone and text , i feel like wanna give him a hug :) but thanks for letting me a chance to be your bestie job . Seriously , i dont really know how to comfort you . The words that i only can say is , i cannot be your tear but i can be your handkerchief :) i hope that you can find your answer soon .

Back to mine , although i have the heart to see adorable guys but still . . i miss the most is only one , haha , i am a gemini LOL but i am sincere too .. another new wall again eh ? i dont know , because i cant really communicate well with him because he's not really good in communicate with me , plus he's shy >"< Aint that adorable ?! LOL i know i'm silly . Although we cant really chat well , but just 3 simple words just touch me , he just said "i miss you" . Aww ! Adorable . Sweet :)

Our conversation was kinda simple .
Since that he's shy .
So i just asked him then , if i stand in front of him , will you say it directly to me ?
and Yes was the answer i've got . lovely :)

Haha , when will it ends again . LOL

2nd week of July

Quite some time i didnt update my blog !
Super duper sorry !

After the trip to Kudat [ JPO ]
Then another week again , i went to Mantanani Island again . Amazing eh ? What a fate with the sun alright . One word to say , TAN ! Last year , we went this island was on November . For this time , we visited the island on July , the weather wasnt really nice thou :T pity . Raining cats and dogs ="= During night time , not much of the stars :(

Gladly i managed to go snorkeling haha " everyday i snorkeling" LOL !
Not much to say but i miss the first time we went , not the 2nd time :T

i was enjoying drinking my Cola while waiting the rained to stop
Look at the posted. This is funny alright .
Course mates
Evonne and I

What and ART haha !

Monday, July 4, 2011


Hello Everyone ! Haha ! i'm really in a good mood and end up i bought myself two black butterfly moor :D Babies ! Super duper adorable ! haha ! Anyway , recently i drive around city and i heard a nice song again c: So share again ..

For me , kinda nice thou :) hope you like it ! And for now i need to know where can i download this song !

Have a nice day :)

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Hello to me

How come its hello to me as a title ? I think its because of this simple adorable human love just passed again. i can say that i do have this feeling of sadness just right inside my heart , feel like wanna cry out thou , but i tell myself i'll be fine because i live with it . This is human's life , part of growing . Gladly i shared out the feeling already so i can recover my wound . I cross the line but i step back for not hurting deep , i will just maintain a sister to like you . What a smart ass , aint i ? Haha . . i'm fine :)

Today class , it wasn't a nice class to me , gloomy atmosphere around me . WTF ="=
I wonder why ? still . . i didnt burst out my messy feeling during that time because i'm learning something here :) something that can make me strong . So i can be a strong lady ! i mean strong dinosaur . Ha ha ! Okay , end with the gloomy and hello to me again !

Last night , i went to sing k with course mates . Then one of my friend's sister asked for these and end up , i sang with her . Haha ! amazingly ! we sang wonderfully ! :)

What do you think ? S Club 7 .. Aint that cool enough to remember ! :) i hope you do

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I like you

Time passes so fast , haha ! It less than a week and you're going back to the place you belong to :) Back to the place that are you are familiar with , not here , friends that you are normally hang out with and a new environment of high school , the place that is a home to you . Sometimes , i cannot believe my eyes that i might like you , the day i actually know you was around April and now almost end of June . Haha . . what a short period and i eventually like you . Imagining myself slap on my cheek . Funny c:
As a so called sister , glad to teach you something that is right or wrong in some situation . Quite funny that i never expect that i would teach you English and Life-Style habits of yours :)

Although i am staying firm but i still like you , amazing right ? Haha..
Sometimes i can still feel the heart beat when i see you [ shy ] LOL
How long will it stay like this , i dont know .. because like i already said "these is life" , we live with it . Since i'm human , i will remember you as a brother and a friend :) or a little dude that i never expect that i will fell in "like" with you ~ hehe . . Well , "love" is a huge word for me . i dont normally use that c:

A bit sad that less than a week and you're going back :T but no matter what , true friends , they will keep in touch :) and i believe that . Right ? c:

until now , i still like you :)

Thursday, June 2, 2011


Haha ! Today ! i am officially 23 years old , haha God . . I'm old ? No . . Mostly everyone said that right ? Gladly i am still here , being me , wearing pants & skirt , haha ! Thinking the day that is today , my mother gave birth because of me . Amazing ! I am 23 years old already , time flies . .
Thinking back of holding mummy and daddy's hand . The First word you spoke , the first step you rolling around and walk , even cried some more , haha ! So many first that out parents had seen , and now here i am , updating my blog to say thank you mother !

Because of you , i am here . Although i am 23 , i'm not a very smart , intelligent and skillful person but i am still learning and growing to be a better child :) Happy Birthday to mother ! and to me :)

- have a nice blessed birthday to both of us - love you mum :)

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Movie Twice !

Seriously ! It is not a joke ! Haha ! i watched pirates of the Caribbean two times ! Yeah !
Do you think i'm nuts ? haha hopefully not because i really love the movie especially the mermaid named Syrena . She's just perfect to be a mermaid inside c: [ happy ] . I had goose bumped when the soundtrack started playing along with the movie ! Amazing !

Well , i came back again , search for the pictures of the mermaid , Syrena ~ Again ! xD

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

i think i just like mermaid a lot !

Good Afternoon Everyone !
Hey miss Annie c:
Yes ! especially high school time , skirt all day long , never skip !
i like pants but still i like skirt haha ^^
Hmm . . Today topic is i like mermaid a lot , or can i say i love mermaid haha !
I mean not only guy like mermaid because normally in the movie , mermaid is super gorgeous !
And i like her ! The name's Astrid Berges-Frisbey ! Syre
na from the Pirates of the Caribbean :)
My goodness , i think fall for a mermaid , LOL !
She's adorable ! Do you like her ? She's pretty and i like her :)

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Normal Day

Today is Sunday ! Recently i like to said "wee wee waa wee wyuu" . Don't ask me why because i have no idea why i like to say that haha !

Recently talk about firm or doubt and etc . It irritates me a lot , gosh ! so better change topic will be nicer haha :) i had a great Sunday , with wearing a skirt to church , 0.0 some of my friends said it look nicer and even said you should wear more like these type LOL !

I'm a girl but like to wear both , pants and skirts ! haha ! Maybe because of school , i wear pants a lot :) Well , everyone know pants are so easy to move around haha ! :D

If you wonder what kind of skirt i wore to church , haha ! old school type haha !

It's Sunday man ! i wanna have ice cream and a friend to talk with :)

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Crossing the line

Crossing the line .. What a nice topic because it just pop up from my friend's idea , ah pan , it seem that i do spend some time to update my blog again . Haha ! Thanks for helping me to distract for a while . While in msn , haha thanks a lot thou ! Well , i can say i firm enough but some action that i faced past few days , for what other people or my friends saw , it didn't really look like i firm enough . I don't know , i can say i didn't get the feeling of it maybe because my prayer do work ? it happen real good . Some reaction were quite adorable but i didn't get the feeling of like it . Although a part was quite shy . Cover myself with jacket while in the lift , Too crowded ! Facing him but my eyes look other side .. hmm .. then what i heard he said 可爱. What a shock 0.o then i looked at him with (o.o)' haha ! -shy- only for few second.

Well , only a wish .. how i wish he' on & so on . Haha it will not happen because this is the fact of the world we are living . For what i know , my friend said you better don't cross the line , maybe for what i see or you see , i just give out a small step .. Maybe some reaction , my friend even said it looks sweet . Huh ? maybe because of i use to it to do such reaction with boys 0.o normal ..

Normal or not , i need to stay firm . hmm.. imagine i bang myself to the wall . Ouch ! That's gonna hurt . LOL ! oh well . . Pray will be a nice answer :) Pray by changing a new line not cut the line because i don't want to hurt the little boy :) and i don't want to hurt myself as well .

- i miss ice cream - LOL

Saturday, May 7, 2011


两年前的我,很单纯的喜欢不该喜欢的人。。然后,现在的我,又来咯。。又回到单纯的喜欢别人的我 。。累~

单纯的喜欢是很可爱,可是我没想到,觉得可爱的你,没想到我会更喜欢你。糟糕!好像不该认识你的,可是就是认识了,oh shit ! 可是我又不解的后悔认识你耶~ 还是觉得很可爱,后悔的是,我很 番薯的更喜欢你,我说如果

如果你不是international student

然后我呢~ 就不会这样"po" 上来啦~

喜欢和爱,是不同的~可是我知道我现在是甚么心情和情况,我也很清醒的不要太过喜欢。我也不能说,请你不要招惹我,行吗?可以吗?这样的话题会很过分吗?很喜欢你的可爱,虽然我有时候不习惯你的撒娇的行为,不知不觉好像慢慢的习惯了一点,趁我没发现就突然间的摸我的头,好像避免不了。。避免我习惯只有和你说:不要再这样,我会很不习惯 [ 朋友教我的] 说真的,如果说太过分,又怕伤到你。。所以,好难说出口>"<



Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Yes i admit that i like this kid , i mean little guy IF he's ...
Haha , once my friend said , enjoy to like this .. because its beautiful ? Yes.. For few moment i did try to enjoy it haha . -shy-
Well , of course it is not everything will be smooth as ice cream :)
Thanks to my bestie ! ah pan :) thank you very much .. i enjoy the chit chat although we're not in the same place , it is always in msn haha ! amazingly we can chat more than 2 hours its incredibly amazing ! haha

my turn to say ? will it be my turn to bang this wall ? or stay firm enough for what i'm facing now ~ Weeeeee ... bang or not bang ! [ a big slap on my forehead ]

Last but not least , i like you little dude but ..... there's too many gap haha .
There always a but or if . . what a world man :)
an advice for myself especially this month , stay firm c:

Friday, April 29, 2011

Doubt or Sweet

Haha ! how come i said doubt or sweet on this post ? Haha .. i doubt myself how firm will i be on this super like on an Adorable guy . My firm means will i like or over like this friend because to tell you the truth , is a bit risky here . . Never expect myself will like a kid that much :( crap . . This is bad or a bit of good news on super like ? haha . . hopefully there will be a conclusion >< hmm..

Have a nice day everyone !

Sunday, April 17, 2011


I have no idea about this . Yeah today topic is sweet ,why ?
Haha .. Last 2 weeks , i met this guy , quite cute , super adorable [ kinda happy thou ]
Few times went to this little food or snack restaurant , he's working there as part time , i think ?
Then , thanks to my friend here , haha i had this chance to stare at him [ shy ] i know my age , but it is hard to stop if a adorable guy appear :) for your information he's very young haha .
Few times in and out and saw him around . So , my friends thought i over like him :D haha ! i mean i like to see him but not "over like" . Haha , end up they're saying something stupid such as , "steph likes you " , my goodness =.= those friends of mine . When he passed by , then they say something funny again :S toing ?!

Another week came , so my friend , cupid , she said she's gonna take his number , i thought she's just joking around , then one night cupid and i send a guy home since nobody wanna sent him home XD pity him ! i was the one driving , so my cupid friend sat beside me . The conversation was like this while i was driving .

Cupid : Hey , are you staying alone ?
Guy : No , i have got room mates
Cupid : Your room mate ?
Guy : Yeah , a Taiwan room mate .
Cupid : Oh , how long he gonna stay ?
Guy : He's going to leave around August .
Cupid : oh , if its like that , can i have his mobile number ?

[From that moment , i thought my friend wanna move in since this Taiwan Guy going to leave by August ]

Guy : why do you want his number ?
Cupid : i just want it ~
Guy : 0.o later my room mate doesn't like it when i give his number to other people.
Cupid : i won't tell him . Ehh .. give me ~
Guy : okay 0.o

[ just reach in front of his house ]

Guy : thank you for sending me back
Cupid : Hey , ask your room mate to come out . [ me : 0.o toing ? ]
Guy : huh ?
Cupid : Just asked him to come out ~

[ after he left from my car ]

Cupid : steph , where's your mobile ?
Me : 0.o huh ? oh .. here it is
- few mins later -
Cupid : okay i already save the Taiwan guy contact number in your phone . haha
Me : 0.o huh ?! Who ?
Cupid : Tuu ~ the Taiwan guy , you said he's very cute .
-few second later -
The guy asked the Taiwan guy to come out , we're at the car and guys were inside the house, So both guys looked outside while we looked inside =.= So funny . The Taiwan guy just look at us for few second then he went in . Haha so funny ! And i was shocked

Cupid : Haha your cute guy is staying here . haha !
Me : Huh ?! i thought you wanna have his contact number because u wanna move it 0.o
Cupid : Noooo . . . haha ! yeah you better text him steph ~
Me : i didn't realize that all the time , you were saying him .
Cupid : Yeah . His name is "J" [ Haha , not gonna spill his name :) ]

So here it is .
I just got another contact number in my phone . My cupid friend bothering me for a while , asking me did u text him ? haha.. End up i text him after few days later when i had his number , because firstly i have no idea what to text and his an international student . Interesting :)

We start text-ing alright 2 days ago , i think . One of his message while we text , i mean i like his text :) kinda sweet . I also wanna be your friend . Gladly , i just make a new friend c:

Very sudden things just happen and without realizing , i just had his number . haha .
what a wonderful day :)

Friday, April 8, 2011


Another topic , sekali gus ni , haha !
Recently , there's two girls name Lufy and Shena . First one Lufy , i don't know why or when it start these weird pet peeves , that is start to psycho me a lot . Lufy asked to join her for shopping after school , then after that we went into a dress shop and then started to dig some nice outfit . Suddenly both of us saw a very nice one . of course every dresses are fantastic and talk about price of the dress , i don't know about it . There's black and red for the same pattern of the dress . Oh well , suddenly my babe here 0.o Steph .. This suit you well 0.o TOING ?! I was stunned there and walked out from the shop , haha but then i went back in few second later . I thought she was joking around but then it wasn't 0.o Gosh .. Just because from the dress or i was wasted a month ago , then my friend like trying to make me pretty , goshhhhhhhhhhhh ! She start with the topic , steph when can we go for jogging ? haha ! Trying to control me by avoiding some supper or less portion of tempting food that i like so much :S amazing . Even one time i was at house , a snack just so nice at the supper time 0.o but i munch for few times sudden though of mine appear said , Guilty ! Then i stop eating =.=

Few days later , lufy told shena about the dress and some girly stuff 0.o So shena suddenly also very happy to merge in about this pretty girl stuff . Shena started to text me with , when can go for work out ? and one of the messages were quite funny :D , she said dye my hair or even go for cute adorable Korean Fashion Style , amazing LMAO ! Shena even said , i wanna see u wearing make up - smoking eye , contact lense , eye liner . Weeeeee Faint !

These two girls here , i have no idea what they up to ?
Can you imagine i'm wearing something like they said ? Wasted look haha !
Another words , party animal !

-yawn- c:  

Thursday, April 7, 2011


Yeah ,its been a while i update my blog 0.o my goodness because of test and assignment , i felt so lazy to do so . Sorry ~ tonight topic is ! Messy ! Why ? Because too many "chap pa lang" situation happened around me , one word , MY GOODNESS !

Start with my friend , a cupid ? Playing around with the school tourism , suddenly the the whole tourism course all talk about "love" . What a season . So what happen to me ? Haha another cupid trying to fool me around said that one of the juniors like me , huh ?! When i heard it , i was like skip the topic and i didn't even get it why some people just like =.= WTF and then here it comes ! Just a fake rumors . At least nobody like me now especially the juniors . Then , another one come ~ remember i like fish ? yeah , often go to aquarium and hunt for fish :) the best part is , i saw a adorable cute guy , he's a worker at the aquarium ! i don't know why , i like to see his face . Then , darn , my friend , cupid , she knows i like one of the guy c: . We visit the aquarium few times , then my friend , cupid , trying to help me get number and details from him [ haha ! i'm not the one who want but since my friend insist , i have nothing to say because it is hard to control a cupid , right ? ] My friend asked me , who do i like , then i randomly explain , haha , then my friend randomly think about it haha ! Oh well , she only said , huh ? you like that guy eh ? He's okay only :) Few days later , she was aiming the guy and eye contact with me , during that situation , i was blur and i laugh so loud that , actually she aim that guy was the guy that i don't even like XD hahah ! i said that's not the one i like to see XD so funny ! She was like 0.o stunned ? haha . . After that the guys suddenly pass by , then i said aha ~ thats the one :) [ shy c: ] Haha ! i couldn't even imagine if my friend took the wrong guy's name or even number , that will be so funny ! Can you imagine i text the guy that i thought he is ? hahaha ! For your information , i still don't have the cute guy's details , LOL [ if u wanna know about that ] .

Another , again , messy . So a close friend at school , i can't really mention the name here , haha sorry ! he told me a secret , i couldn't really sure that was that a really secret ? Then next day , my friend told me that my guy friend , he likes someone . haha ! Then after that , i was playing around said , [ the playing situation was too long , lazy to do synopsis it ] sorry again~ then the next day i was tired and didn't get enough sleep =.= so Monday and Tuesday i was like a panda at school . Then , my guy friend thought i felt sad that he didn't like me , so i was so sad 0.o [ my friend , cupid , told me so ] so i direct text up my guy friend here and explain everything >< then my guy friend said , actually he likes everyone in tourism course friend . hahahahahahaha ! LAUGH MY ASS OFF ! After what i read and we were pm - ing . Conclusion , my guy , dude friend here , though i was in like with him haha ! But glad everything settle ! clear as a beautiful sea :)

How messy would that be ?! Weird . Better don't happen again =.= because its tiring .
Plus , i'm so scare that just because of misunderstanding situation , spoil our pure friendship relationship and THATS BAD ! :) i'm happy everything back to way it was or is :)

Messy or not messy . Thanks to God ! i'm glad these situation was over now :)
Recently ! in the mood of "dancing feel"
Night and take care c:

Friday, March 18, 2011

Tiny Little Crush

Hello ! Sorry for not updating any post lately , especially i said the School Trip to Kelly Bays .
Haha ! Soon :D sorry about that !
Recently , yeah look at the title tiny little crush topic .
Haha ! Seriously , back to old me again , there is a adorable guy with a cute face :)
Pity again , i don't even know his name XD because he's one of the worker at the Shop ?
haha [ shy for few second ] c:

Anyway , last night , my friend introduce me an old song ? i mean i never heard before . . Seriously very awesome song :D

Enjoy !

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Chris Medina - What Are Words

Recently , facebook is popular with this Mv . Enjoy :)
Very touching after i listened to it . Few mins to listen this won't harm you a bit :)
Bless him and his wife . Bless him with lots of faith and hope :)

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

School Trip , Kelly Bays

Last Saturday & Sunday , Our juniors organised a school trip to Kelly Bays . Compare with Mantanani Island , Kelly Bays is not far from city thou .. i mean for myself haha ! For now , i just upload two pictures . As you can see below haha !

Familiar alright , Mt. Kinabalu . Pretty eh ?

This part eh , to tell you the truth i don't know how to say this.

Actually , this view is from Shangri-La's Rasa Ria Resort . Haha ~ walked at the mountain till reach the hill to see this view thou . Not easy but good exercise alright :D . Oh before that , we went to see the Orang Utan . Amazing !

Haha , i will upload photos in another time [wink] because for your information , i still haven't own myself a camera , might as well take it from my friend . Haha i wonder , will i ever get one . Not too expensive and cheap . Just an amount that suitable for me ! haha !

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Sick Pen Beat Battle

amazing , just to let u know . I love beats ! :) Enjoy ~

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Being a Miss Lady

This year is like a lot of resolution here . Yes ! Being a girl is not an easy job . Think about being a lady is much more challenging for myself . Haha .

ps . My friends said . be more like one . Haha . I'm doom !
What do i have to think ="=?

My Chinese New Year Day

Good Afternoon Everyone ! It's been a while i didnt update blog here because i can say that i am so lazy these past few weeks ! Haha ! Seriously , I had fun during my Chinese New Year . Red pockets , gathering with ex high school mates . Wonderful ! :) except that this year didnt manage to play the "flying lantern" , i am not sure do you know what i mean here haha ! Before i left my hometown back to city , my sister made us a pizza ! Happy ! This was a before picture , about the after . . . Guess ~ haha ! inside our tummy ~ so you definitely don't wanna see that :D i am joking !
Few Days later , back to college life . Hmm . . i was still in holiday mood because during at school . Yeah ~ my soul was not there . haha ! was way back at my hometown . My soul came back after few days of classes . Things getting complex such as assignment and so on ~

Actually , like i already said i wanna have fish as pet . Guppies ! i am so happy that i finally own one ! Yeah . . Tell you something , now my aquarium full with babies , fries ~ happy !
Just an update , 2 males died :x and 1 female died too . For sure , illness but i am no doctor or vets :S
Now i'm trying to take good care of few adult guppies and the babies too ! Wish me luck on that haha . . Recently , i am planning to get fancy guppies , haha just wait and see will it happen or not haha ! Fantastic ! My friends think i'm over crazy on fish ~ Weeeee ~ ~ :D

This picture was just a brand new home for my guppies , before the babies were born ~

Friday, February 11, 2011

Taman Perdana Park di Tanjung Aru,Kota Kinabalu.

Good morning to everyone ! How's your Chinese New Year ? Hope you have a blast day ever .
I will said my days later but for now , i need to introduce everyone a very awesome place in my country living place , LOL ! Seriously :) is like a update to myself also because i am a tourism and hospitality student ! i said a lot of times here XD am i irritating or what ?!

okay , for your information i live in Sabah[ use to call Borneo ] , Malaysia .
Haha , kinda lazy to post the pictures . i direct give the link here :) hope you don't mind .
The link , i got it from my friend . The photographer really good also x)
Already post one photo also not bad after all . Haha , kinda new for Kota Kinabalu . Enjoy reading.

Monday, January 31, 2011

Good Morning Holiday

Hello Everyone ! How's your day ?
Thanks for dropping by Miss Annie :) I appreciated a lot !
Nowadays , cosmetic getting cooler and cooler and i , same as usual haha ! Nothing much change around me but only the age numbers is different case :D

Far East Movement , haha . . Firstly i thought this Mv was sang by Bruno Mars but then it was my mistake 0.0 . Oh well , This MV so awesome , mostly play on the radio then my mouth will start singing also . haha !

I am having my holiday now because Chinese New Year is getting near . Just this coming Thursday ! Happy ! Food here i come ! :x talk about fatness in me , Psst ~ after CNY then :D

About my study , i still have 2 semesters to go then will be practical time . Now , i'm still thinking where to go for my practical 0.0 Because it is so headache ! i have plan A till C , the fact is , i mess up between tourism and hospitality :S OH CRAP .... Hopefully Plan C will be still in process :)

Yeah , i am a sky and sea lover , plus with the wind , haha ! The thing is , i like pets too except snake and etc ="= Recently , i want to have Guppy Fish as pets :D my goodness . . i will not satisfy that i dont have any pet at home . although fish will not bark like dog or meow like cat but the color is absolutely incredible . 1 word to describe , pretty !

On the other hand , remember my previous post , mention about heels , i couldnt forgot those pretty heels HAHA , i'm doom . i cannot imagine if i buy one :X . GUPPY FISH IS STILL MY NUMBER ONE LIST TO BUY ! haha dont worry :D

That's all for today ! have a nice blessed day and take care :)

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Whole Sunday

Today Sunday !
Woke up early for church and went home change outfit . Sometimes i can't imagine myself that i usually wear nice simple outfit with skirt on me to church , after that change it to flexible T shirt and jeans . Haha ! i like flexible . After I had breakfast with Isabel ( my sister's bff ) , we went to Sunday market at Gaya Street . Then , raining came alright . we ran kinda fast back to my car . Then drove to Center Point . We window shopped without really buying stuff . Hmm.. Since we didn't have much money in our bag . Ate ice cream and got ourself a "yoyo" . Those High heels are amazing ! Sales of course :)

I like to see and touch but never expect myself to wear one . Just because i'm not really into the heels :D . Back to Isabel , accompanied her to buy some stuff at Sasa , hmm . . girls are so -mafan- haha , seriously , the power of cosmetic ="= i mean those little stuff like brush and etc . .

Hehe ~ While window shopped around , i start to look at those people , how they dress , everything start from top to bottom . I mean i'm not staring something , just the pants , bag , shoe , blouse or T shirt or maybe Hat or cap too . Awesome ! even hair ? haha . . Since i already said so many times that i'm not good with match my own outfit . haha ! Thanks to people and blogs .

Yes i am still addicted with Korean hits . Jeng Jeng Jeng ~
Have a nice blessed day peeps :)

Monday, January 17, 2011

G.NA - '꺼져 줄게 잘 살아(Feat. 용준형) M/V

I've been listening to the radio for few weeks and i couldnt figure it out whose the singer . At that time i only know her name start with G/J then na , i thought jeanna or gina . ha ! Thanks to facebook , search for the hitz fm page and finally got it ! Haha . . i don't really understand what she sings in this MV but i can say that , its amazing alright :) oh well , now i know that her name is G.Na [ cool name alright x) ]
Yeah ! Recently i am totally in Korea Fever alright , hard to say that because i started to warm up here . Crazy soon . Hope you enjoy it !

I am under Korea Fever ~ Weeeeeee ~
have a nice day peeps :)

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Nick Lachey - did i ever tell you

This Song is so awesome :) i like this song so much till i feel like i am smiling now haha !
Sitting around the place with nice view and just listen to this , how awesome that will be !
it doesn't need to be in "love" to listen this . haha being single also can listen to this ! (n.~)

flower tissue guy

Haha i cannot believe i update these for fun or because i don't have things to do so simply update and topic here :)

The thing is , i am totally happy with the School to open and study ! hurray !
The fact is i need to stuck for few months with some seniors that are kinda headache :s
This is bad , totally bad :(

Back to the flower tissue guy . This is only the first week start class and then i was walking around the corridor and he with another friend hanged out at the door , when i walked by , suddenly there's 2 voices said Happy new year 0.o [ toing ] . Of course i need to say hello back and smiled haha :s

Then the next day again . I passed by and this time said Hello ~ [ =.= ]
Haha i'm not that cruel and i did say hi and a smiled again haha . Am i thinking too much or this guy =.= i have no idea . It started to freaking me out !

Friday, January 7, 2011

I can fly by Edison Chen

song that don't give up easily :)

all started with the tiny influence

Guess what with the tiny ? Haha . . Tiny reality influence me a lot thou !
Oh well , i had been counting down on school to start and Chinese New Year to come ~
Not easy to wait although its left few days until it reach Monday that is on the 10th January 2011. I think i am so silly because my friend said i'm staying inside the house doing nothing beside surfing around haha ! That's true !

Of course , i did do my revision on some book , i don't wanna have my brain freeze up :)
Flip some pages and make some notes . Aww , i feel proud for myself to do so . .hope i continue to do so :S

Yeah ! Remember i said i need to get fit or diet or whatever it is to get myself loss weight :/
Oh my Goodness ! this is hard ! oh well ! I really pray for that ! Yeah start to plan out what day go swimming and cycling too ! Sit up some more ! I cannot believe i just said out loud here in blogspot :x Wish me Luck peeps ! By boosting me up to focus on my plan , recently i watch a lot of Korean Drama , blogs and so on . . Everything that are totally nice ! pretty or cool or even awesome lifestyle . I need that x) A LOT . hope will work on me ! if not , i will be facing the gain weight chubby size again :X FOR THE LOVE OF GOD ! (T.T) ALL THE BEST TO MYSELF !

nice abs and ass here i come ! since first day of 2011 haha ! shame on me (0.o)
I am not a very style person but at least i wanna have a nice lifestyle too . aww . So , fit plan first ! Gosh=='

have a nice day everyone !

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Realistic or what 0.o

Let me say it first , i copied this from my friend Sheena . The sentences so true that i even go and liked :D Here's the sharing

Whatever you give a woman, she will make it greater. If you give her sperm, she'll give you a baby. If you give her a house, she'll give you a home. If you give her groceries, she'll give you a meal.If you give her a smile, she'll give you her heart. She multiplies and enlarges what is given to her. So, if you give her any crap, be ready to receive a ton of shit. ;)

Awesome eh ! What do you think :D ?

My Christmas Bag

I never really post any thing like this before . haha !
Hi ANNIE , actually this photo just to let u see my bag :) and i'm going to bring this to college x)
This is my Christmas Bag :)
Well , Miss ANNIE . Hope you see this . . and i bet you will see this for sure haha !
For your information , i don't really know what brand is this , the letter there is " Young Lady "

Ps = I'm not a good model :p so i just upload one photo of this bag only . haha !

sorry , sometimes i dont know why my blogspot or my notebook problem 0.o . i really dont know . sometimes i typed it in colorful letter such as CHRISTMAS BAG AND MISS ANNIE but the color didnt appear right . all gone to black/gray color =.= any hint ? that i can solve this problem ?

Saturday, January 1, 2011


Sometimes i like beats a lot . Feel like dancing anyone ? haha x)
what do you think ? :)
Oh well , i like many types of music alright .