Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Something pop up to my mind

what will that be ? yes ~ fringe ~ for my round face , i seldom get any fringe except when i was young :D haha ! well , magazine said fringe never out dated and always back in style as well . for me , its a surprising and interesting style cause once i have a nice one [ i will be happy ] , once i have the sucks one [ i will be unhappy] easy as a pie here , only like or dislike ! FREAKY ! I was thinking of fringe for quite some times here , i had asked my friend opinion, my friend said you will look like a nerd :D haha that's a good one ! well , i don't know , will it be worth a try ? haha . . so just today i start searching of fringe or bang ? see any nice style or not especially round face like mine here ~ KINDA EXCITED PLUS WITH HEADACHE TOO ! its like a 50/50 thingy =.= end up , i go check those celebrities hair style . . some of them really nice :) i mean the pictures

Well , for this one , i think she extremely nice with the fringe and it doesnt related to my target ,STILL she is pretty :D

This one , i think she's cool ahaha !

i like this one but if my hair style is like this , i am way too cool , you know :)

Kate Huson
Although the shape of your face doesn't related to my round face , but i like her fringe :D

What about conclusion ? actually its none :D ahahah ! hei . . its not easy to get a nice fringe and also need to depend on the salon people ~ true !

Monday, September 27, 2010

Will it be the same ?

I really don't know that the feeling that "like" in me , will it be the same feeling ? Don't talk about heart beat but same , i like to see you around and sometimes i will ask myself , will i able to see you around ? haha . . sound silly because it happens few times or more than that as other normal girl ? huh . . or just because i am a gemini female person ? haha . . headache sometimes :) well . . let's wait and see then ~ as i have already said , kinda a bit of gap or big gap or small gap ? huh freaking yeah . . what's wrong with me ? i don't know . . dealing with the emotional like or unlike kinda freaking me out sometimes , look around my friend , relationship sometimes are disaster for me . . i don't really like this kind of feeling , seeing my friends hurt , it makes me more frustrated [ yeap , sometimes ] . .
Back to my topic :D haha ! yeah recently the same "guy" here . . i kinda like him ? huh . . Well , we are friends now , aha~ i didn't think too much , but hopefully we will be a better friend :) or a brother ? haha . .

Anyway , just today i was wondering around friend's facebook and i realized i found there's a adorable "group" , is
JAYESSLEE , yeah SERIOUSLY ! THEIR ARE AWESOME , OR CAN SAY SUPER DUPER AWESOME . . HAPPY ! Then , i check it out on their facebook and "LIKE" THE PAGE ! yeah , their twins :D aint they adorable !

here's one of the song :D enjoy !

Sunday, September 19, 2010


I went back my hometown , and suddenly bumb up with my lost contact ex class mates , what a luck huh ? well , think back, i feel like going back to hometown again haha ! anyway , my ex high school , the canteen already burnt up ? God , next week the school will open after the holiday ? i think the principal will be headache ! haha pity >< thats all

take care !

Monday, September 13, 2010

Thank God , He created you

It is wonderful to see you around , although we're not meet each other everyday or what, its like once a week or twice a week , but no matter how many times , i'm happy to see you around because you are special :) well . .we are big gap here but we are one big families ! One big families are important . . because i need that :) i don't know how long we will be together but these will be infinity because we are human in this world , creator by God , amazing what ?
I cannot say love you but like you as a family , :) no problem . . I don't know what will happen but i know the feeling of "happy" to see you around ,for now . Life . Human never knows :D

Yes, i am still listening to this song , quite encouraging thou . Listen , you won't regret it :) believe me . . thanks to the singer :D

Sunday, September 12, 2010


Good morning everyone ! Look at the time ! Awesome eh ~
Yeah , i was sleeping the whole afternoon so end up i couldn't sleep , so , updating this lonely blog of mine , why i put this jia you words in here , because i am listening one of the singer that based on Singapore and he's popular in Taiwan, i guess ? I'm not a big fan but i like his talent and yeah he's cute :) he's name is 林俊Actually it was influence by my sister , thats why i end up like this ? open the youtube and search for it , just like that cause till now i dont know how to to get that song to bluetooth in it ? haha just wait and see . . Last week , was "JJ " concert , i dont really know how to describe beside concert haha . . Bless my soul ~

Bless you and have a nice blast day ! I wanna memories the lyrics haha all the best to me !

Sunday, September 5, 2010


Hello People ! It was fun to watch STEP UP 3 ! Woohooo ! Seriously , it was FANTASTIC ! Actually 3 of the step up also SUPER DUPER INCREDIBLE ! and now here i am , i feel like i wanna go for dance class already ~ ~ ~ Funny right ? getting old here =.=

haha thats all ! blessed !

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


YES ! Tomorrow is examination will be korean subject ! haha pity me , because i dont feel like revision mode yet =.= yes , pity me ! went out just now just because of passing the notes to course mates and then hang around at wisma shopping small center ahaha ! Then , bumped up with pan in middle of wisma , yeah your outfit its nice ! talk about food , i didnt really have the appetite == but i managed to ate melon and McD ice cream , hmm . . then i went to grab myself a McD food , Deluxe Set meal , and now i feel like , yuck== crap . . i think i need to stop for a while, especially the meat thing or i went there for more than many times and i didnt even realize haha ! so end up like this , feeling Yuck ! for the meat =.= Anyway , the funny things was pan and i walking for more than a 1km from a destination to another destination after that , we walked back again to the same place haha , CRAZY US ! BUT ITS KINDA FUN CAUSE 2 DORKS DOING NOTHING , JUST WALKING AROUND [ HIGH 5 ] well, its a hot day i can guarantee that :D hmm . . well raining soon 0.o HOPE NOT ==

by the way , i'm listening the same song ~ oceans will part by hillsong !
and a song that i listen , nowadays , is usher ft pitbull Dj got us falling in love !
- nice song thou- do check it out :D

I'm watching Skins now haha, just started ! nice thou with those British or England accent ! nice indeed :D i wonder will i have those accent or not ahaha ! bye !

Hillsong - Oceans Will Part - With Subtitles/Lyrics

Truly , my emotion upside-down lately, i dont really like it == but then i go listen to this song that sent by my friend , he's a sweet guy , and thanks for the song ! i appreciated a lot ! Enjoy it ! God Bless each of you . .