Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Yellow !

Merry Christmas to Everyone on earth ! For sure , everyone had a special day on xmas season :)
Of course , mine no snow.. to tell you the truth , i can't wait new year to come . I feel like going to school again and study ! The point is , i wanna graduate from my college , oh crap.. i've been counting down on these since i enter that college . Funny right ? Seriously i am. Plus , i've been thinking that , what school i go in next haha or maybe a work ? Nobody knows ~ I wanna earn a lot of money so i can travel some places ! haha everyone want that too.. So we are the same ! Travel gen inside us haha !

I can't wait to hang out with my course mates talk about crap stuff and laugh all day , do the stupid silly assignment then serious time together . This is my college life ! how about yours ? college or uni life :) Seriously , i need to get fit or diet == this is totally bad !

i just bought a bag, i named christmas bag ! haha ! :)
and several T shirt too . Chap pa lang T shirts :D haha !

ps. chinese new year here i come ! :)

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Monday, December 20, 2010


Good Afternoon everyone ! How are you ?
It seem that lately Korean having hard time on the preparation on war :s that's bad . Do pray for the peacefulness and calmness ! Do take some time to pray for this situation ! please and thank you !

I had been busy on something lately although i'm having my holiday now , plus Christmas is getting near , i am totally looking forward to it :D because SEAFOOD !!! I'm coming !

Wonder why i upload this photo that had flower and violin on it ? haha ..
i was teaching one of my student name Brandon.
Brandon : 是谁的花?
Me : 不知道,可能是另外老师的吧?因该是~
Brandon : 是谁的花哦?
Me : 我真的不知道。
Brandon : 是谁的花?
Me : 我真的真的真的不知道哦~
Brandon 笑一下 然后他说 “是我放在那边的”

I felt surprised that this little boy just gave me flower , lovely . I didn't expect that the flower was mine . Actually there's even a small note said " Brandon" with flower 0.0 quite touching ~
i even told my Mum , she said this kid very cute . Although he's naughty but still he is a adorable monster haha ! I didn't give him a hug but i just gave him a "sayang" on his head :D [ i forgot how to say sayang on the head , bah , sorry ~ ] Yeah , i need to check on his birthday so i can give him a small present too ! The funny part is ..

Me : 你在那里拿到这些花啊?
Brandon : 哦~在邻居家拿到的~
Me : 什么?你的邻居知道的吗?
Brandon : 知道啊 :)

I was shocked when he said he took it from neighbor's house . Its took not steal . Phew ~
He's cute alright :) I really hope that i can guide those little kids and can teach them !

The flowers very looked very nice , plus he even warp the flowers so it wouldn't fall apart . such an adorable heart he had there :) My Mum said 不错,这世界上, 还有单纯的小孩,真得很可爱,小孩该有的孩子个性. So true ! Nowadays , mostly kids are playing around the psp or cellphones and etc .. with all the electronic devices. I felt touched its because that he does respect me as a teacher .


Friday, December 17, 2010

IDanny Fernandez - Never Again

Seriously , this song is so creative . Separate song ? hmm . . Well , for me it sounds so cool ! haha , hopefully you don't think i'm weird or what because . . i don't know :D haha
I didn't expect that my friend had been hurt kinda bad :( just because " is this call life " or this is the love circulation goes ? hmm . . i wrote on my friend's wall [ facebook ]

sometimes be childish is okay :) we are human , mature is good but sometimes less mature is not fully wrong :)

yeah , i like these words 0.o maybe because my friend said was i not mature enough ? Well , its true that when female and male are together , childish or mature also will be express out . This is part of human . It is part of human gen :) . for me , talk about relationship , for sure i'm sucks . . pray that i won't be too sucks 0.o because sometimes relationship are so headache . Do you agree ? haha . .

Saturday, December 11, 2010

白智英 - 那個女人

Seriously , this is a SUPER DUPER NICE SONG ! very touching and meaningful MV
After listen to this Mv , tell me what you think ?

Great day in Mantanani Island 2

Sorry for the Super Delay on the photos of my island trip :D haha ! i totally forgot about it ,actually not much of photos that my friend upload in facebook . At least she did upload :)

This is funny ! but i like it :D haha !
i like beach . aww

just look at the sea . Aint it beautiful ?

Random photo took by my friend :D haha

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Good Afternoon Peeps !
Well , i had been busying with my busy month that was last month[last week] :D happy !
Seriously , i was so busy till i didn't remember mu
ch how i survived on my revision for exam 0.o amazing ! Yes , i like stress sometimes or more than that , or maybe hate it ? i don't know , seriously , i like stress because i can see things or situation much more wider and grow more mature , this is what i think , how about you ? :)

Talking about drizzling , yeah ~ i was driving to city just now and i looked at the sky and saw drizzling FEEL RELAX ! LIKE SNOW ! HAPPY ~ ye
ah i like drizzling :D sometimes its like a bad weather , but at the time like this , totally nice ! a bit windy some more , like snow ~ oh i miss now :D haha ! quite some times i didn't see snow but still the rain reminds me of snow :) feel like having a cup of hot chocolate and look outside of balcony or window to see the snow fall :D how wonderful :) a bit of imagination won't harm haha !

Can't wait for Christmas to come :) i wonder how everyone's plan for Christmas ?
You know what , suddenly i think that , how about we pray for the Christmas happiness to everyone that live on this earth , don't care rich or poor , just simple happiness and hope for all of us and each of the people that are living around this whole earth haha ! Silly or not , just my thought :)

You know what , i feel like want to watch back a movie by Jim Carrey
how wonderful to watch this :) if you haven't watch this movie , do watch it then you know what i mean for this meaningful prayer :)

bless you x)