Monday, January 31, 2011

Good Morning Holiday

Hello Everyone ! How's your day ?
Thanks for dropping by Miss Annie :) I appreciated a lot !
Nowadays , cosmetic getting cooler and cooler and i , same as usual haha ! Nothing much change around me but only the age numbers is different case :D

Far East Movement , haha . . Firstly i thought this Mv was sang by Bruno Mars but then it was my mistake 0.0 . Oh well , This MV so awesome , mostly play on the radio then my mouth will start singing also . haha !

I am having my holiday now because Chinese New Year is getting near . Just this coming Thursday ! Happy ! Food here i come ! :x talk about fatness in me , Psst ~ after CNY then :D

About my study , i still have 2 semesters to go then will be practical time . Now , i'm still thinking where to go for my practical 0.0 Because it is so headache ! i have plan A till C , the fact is , i mess up between tourism and hospitality :S OH CRAP .... Hopefully Plan C will be still in process :)

Yeah , i am a sky and sea lover , plus with the wind , haha ! The thing is , i like pets too except snake and etc ="= Recently , i want to have Guppy Fish as pets :D my goodness . . i will not satisfy that i dont have any pet at home . although fish will not bark like dog or meow like cat but the color is absolutely incredible . 1 word to describe , pretty !

On the other hand , remember my previous post , mention about heels , i couldnt forgot those pretty heels HAHA , i'm doom . i cannot imagine if i buy one :X . GUPPY FISH IS STILL MY NUMBER ONE LIST TO BUY ! haha dont worry :D

That's all for today ! have a nice blessed day and take care :)

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Whole Sunday

Today Sunday !
Woke up early for church and went home change outfit . Sometimes i can't imagine myself that i usually wear nice simple outfit with skirt on me to church , after that change it to flexible T shirt and jeans . Haha ! i like flexible . After I had breakfast with Isabel ( my sister's bff ) , we went to Sunday market at Gaya Street . Then , raining came alright . we ran kinda fast back to my car . Then drove to Center Point . We window shopped without really buying stuff . Hmm.. Since we didn't have much money in our bag . Ate ice cream and got ourself a "yoyo" . Those High heels are amazing ! Sales of course :)

I like to see and touch but never expect myself to wear one . Just because i'm not really into the heels :D . Back to Isabel , accompanied her to buy some stuff at Sasa , hmm . . girls are so -mafan- haha , seriously , the power of cosmetic ="= i mean those little stuff like brush and etc . .

Hehe ~ While window shopped around , i start to look at those people , how they dress , everything start from top to bottom . I mean i'm not staring something , just the pants , bag , shoe , blouse or T shirt or maybe Hat or cap too . Awesome ! even hair ? haha . . Since i already said so many times that i'm not good with match my own outfit . haha ! Thanks to people and blogs .

Yes i am still addicted with Korean hits . Jeng Jeng Jeng ~
Have a nice blessed day peeps :)

Monday, January 17, 2011

G.NA - '꺼져 줄게 잘 살아(Feat. 용준형) M/V

I've been listening to the radio for few weeks and i couldnt figure it out whose the singer . At that time i only know her name start with G/J then na , i thought jeanna or gina . ha ! Thanks to facebook , search for the hitz fm page and finally got it ! Haha . . i don't really understand what she sings in this MV but i can say that , its amazing alright :) oh well , now i know that her name is G.Na [ cool name alright x) ]
Yeah ! Recently i am totally in Korea Fever alright , hard to say that because i started to warm up here . Crazy soon . Hope you enjoy it !

I am under Korea Fever ~ Weeeeeee ~
have a nice day peeps :)

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Nick Lachey - did i ever tell you

This Song is so awesome :) i like this song so much till i feel like i am smiling now haha !
Sitting around the place with nice view and just listen to this , how awesome that will be !
it doesn't need to be in "love" to listen this . haha being single also can listen to this ! (n.~)

flower tissue guy

Haha i cannot believe i update these for fun or because i don't have things to do so simply update and topic here :)

The thing is , i am totally happy with the School to open and study ! hurray !
The fact is i need to stuck for few months with some seniors that are kinda headache :s
This is bad , totally bad :(

Back to the flower tissue guy . This is only the first week start class and then i was walking around the corridor and he with another friend hanged out at the door , when i walked by , suddenly there's 2 voices said Happy new year 0.o [ toing ] . Of course i need to say hello back and smiled haha :s

Then the next day again . I passed by and this time said Hello ~ [ =.= ]
Haha i'm not that cruel and i did say hi and a smiled again haha . Am i thinking too much or this guy =.= i have no idea . It started to freaking me out !

Friday, January 7, 2011

I can fly by Edison Chen

song that don't give up easily :)

all started with the tiny influence

Guess what with the tiny ? Haha . . Tiny reality influence me a lot thou !
Oh well , i had been counting down on school to start and Chinese New Year to come ~
Not easy to wait although its left few days until it reach Monday that is on the 10th January 2011. I think i am so silly because my friend said i'm staying inside the house doing nothing beside surfing around haha ! That's true !

Of course , i did do my revision on some book , i don't wanna have my brain freeze up :)
Flip some pages and make some notes . Aww , i feel proud for myself to do so . .hope i continue to do so :S

Yeah ! Remember i said i need to get fit or diet or whatever it is to get myself loss weight :/
Oh my Goodness ! this is hard ! oh well ! I really pray for that ! Yeah start to plan out what day go swimming and cycling too ! Sit up some more ! I cannot believe i just said out loud here in blogspot :x Wish me Luck peeps ! By boosting me up to focus on my plan , recently i watch a lot of Korean Drama , blogs and so on . . Everything that are totally nice ! pretty or cool or even awesome lifestyle . I need that x) A LOT . hope will work on me ! if not , i will be facing the gain weight chubby size again :X FOR THE LOVE OF GOD ! (T.T) ALL THE BEST TO MYSELF !

nice abs and ass here i come ! since first day of 2011 haha ! shame on me (0.o)
I am not a very style person but at least i wanna have a nice lifestyle too . aww . So , fit plan first ! Gosh=='

have a nice day everyone !

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Realistic or what 0.o

Let me say it first , i copied this from my friend Sheena . The sentences so true that i even go and liked :D Here's the sharing

Whatever you give a woman, she will make it greater. If you give her sperm, she'll give you a baby. If you give her a house, she'll give you a home. If you give her groceries, she'll give you a meal.If you give her a smile, she'll give you her heart. She multiplies and enlarges what is given to her. So, if you give her any crap, be ready to receive a ton of shit. ;)

Awesome eh ! What do you think :D ?

My Christmas Bag

I never really post any thing like this before . haha !
Hi ANNIE , actually this photo just to let u see my bag :) and i'm going to bring this to college x)
This is my Christmas Bag :)
Well , Miss ANNIE . Hope you see this . . and i bet you will see this for sure haha !
For your information , i don't really know what brand is this , the letter there is " Young Lady "

Ps = I'm not a good model :p so i just upload one photo of this bag only . haha !

sorry , sometimes i dont know why my blogspot or my notebook problem 0.o . i really dont know . sometimes i typed it in colorful letter such as CHRISTMAS BAG AND MISS ANNIE but the color didnt appear right . all gone to black/gray color =.= any hint ? that i can solve this problem ?

Saturday, January 1, 2011


Sometimes i like beats a lot . Feel like dancing anyone ? haha x)
what do you think ? :)
Oh well , i like many types of music alright .