Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Sick Pen Beat Battle

amazing , just to let u know . I love beats ! :) Enjoy ~

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Being a Miss Lady

This year is like a lot of resolution here . Yes ! Being a girl is not an easy job . Think about being a lady is much more challenging for myself . Haha .

ps . My friends said . be more like one . Haha . I'm doom !
What do i have to think ="=?

My Chinese New Year Day

Good Afternoon Everyone ! It's been a while i didnt update blog here because i can say that i am so lazy these past few weeks ! Haha ! Seriously , I had fun during my Chinese New Year . Red pockets , gathering with ex high school mates . Wonderful ! :) except that this year didnt manage to play the "flying lantern" , i am not sure do you know what i mean here haha ! Before i left my hometown back to city , my sister made us a pizza ! Happy ! This was a before picture , about the after . . . Guess ~ haha ! inside our tummy ~ so you definitely don't wanna see that :D i am joking !
Few Days later , back to college life . Hmm . . i was still in holiday mood because during at school . Yeah ~ my soul was not there . haha ! was way back at my hometown . My soul came back after few days of classes . Things getting complex such as assignment and so on ~

Actually , like i already said i wanna have fish as pet . Guppies ! i am so happy that i finally own one ! Yeah . . Tell you something , now my aquarium full with babies , fries ~ happy !
Just an update , 2 males died :x and 1 female died too . For sure , illness but i am no doctor or vets :S
Now i'm trying to take good care of few adult guppies and the babies too ! Wish me luck on that haha . . Recently , i am planning to get fancy guppies , haha just wait and see will it happen or not haha ! Fantastic ! My friends think i'm over crazy on fish ~ Weeeee ~ ~ :D

This picture was just a brand new home for my guppies , before the babies were born ~

Friday, February 11, 2011

Taman Perdana Park di Tanjung Aru,Kota Kinabalu.

Good morning to everyone ! How's your Chinese New Year ? Hope you have a blast day ever .
I will said my days later but for now , i need to introduce everyone a very awesome place in my country living place , LOL ! Seriously :) is like a update to myself also because i am a tourism and hospitality student ! i said a lot of times here XD am i irritating or what ?!

okay , for your information i live in Sabah[ use to call Borneo ] , Malaysia .
Haha , kinda lazy to post the pictures . i direct give the link here :) hope you don't mind .
The link , i got it from my friend . The photographer really good also x)
Already post one photo also not bad after all . Haha , kinda new for Kota Kinabalu . Enjoy reading.