Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Oh 26 of August


i cant wait ! count down ing August to come haha !
Stephen Jerzak "She Said" ft. Leighton Meester by arjanwrites

Monday, July 26, 2010

Without a title , ha !

Yeah , without a title because i cannot think one here . .
These recently , i was so active on " viewing " someone's blog , seriously because i dont know what i want to do :D haha ! beside facebook , yes ! assignment , and watching Tv as well . . i think i gain some weight here, oh S ! Swimming or seat-up ?! Girl sometimes so "macam" . . i even realized that i called wrong of my friend's name . . My goodness==

YESH ! i cant wait to watch despicable me again ! psst . . :D
and yes Salt too ! anything else ? i have heard my friends said inception also not bad but need to use a lot of brain here , hmm . . still think about that xD
Anyway, i am so in the mood of singing a song inside my car tehee ~ :D
tatto by Jordin Sparks XD . . yeah re peat saja ni


- night -

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


the connection of internet getting lousy , don't know what happen to the TmNET or whatever it call and because of that , i couldnt play hotel city , LOL ! so i ended up read ppl's blog or facebook ing . .oh my goodness .. so tiring too ! keep on re fresh the website ~ funny right ? hmm .. a lot of things happen but i cant really think about it because of lazyness brain of mine now XD haha !

have a nice evening !

Friday, July 16, 2010

Yeah !

Yeah ! I've finally watched some nice movies lately ! Finally updated myself ! as a movie freak here XD ngek ngek ngek ! Hmm. . Last night watch despicable me haha ! Adorable ! i can say that it was my first time watched 3D , hehe ! Well . . it consider that here land below the wind , can say consider cheap ? Plus , i dont often watch 3D :D and the funniest thing was i heard my friend laughed extremely loud ! like the the cinema room full with their voices , incredible , they can go for laugh out loud competition XD i was just joking ! who the loudest ? Mr Channing and the 2nd monkey Aldrich , believed it ! 2 guys . . clap for them ^^ .

Today , after my korean class at college , my course-mate bff already dated me for today movie , twilight saga - eclipse , hmm . . end up like she's accompany me watched movie (><)' because she felt very sleepy . . okay back to the movie thingy , my goodness , there's a lot of kissing thing 0.o' and . . i like jacob this character but the movie line . . so so ~ and i realized a girl that really adore me ! Bree Tanner , very short clip for here . . end up died (==)' hmph ! my goodness . .never mind XD for your information , i just found her , Jodelle Ferland web , something like that xD . . hmm . . seem that i really like to take a good look at pretty/cute girls after all XD wuahahah ! Dont blame me , its in my gen ? i dont know , i'm starting to talked craps here HEHE !

Waiting for another movie to come, i mean watch XD
have a nice morning Folks !


Monday, July 12, 2010

Being a 1st time football freak

Hello Boys and Girls , nothing much actually haha !
according to my today topic , Yes ! its my first time ! i've have watched football at 2.30am till 6am , my goodness , of course final cup XD haha Spain won ! Actually i'm not really a Huge fan for football but for now , i started to like Spain ^-^ hehe the Goal Keeper , He's AMAZING ! . . Well . . hope i wont be a crazy fan for football because " i cannot think of any next sentences here" haha !

have a nice blessed day everyone and get a nice rest people !

Friday, July 2, 2010

half way to go

hello folks !
Really busy these few days, or can say these past 2 weeks and next week coming as well . . What an enthusiasm life i'm having now haha ! seriously ~ feel like doing something else like . . plan the timetable for the next week test =.= oh shit ! , next day i'll be sexy tan here haha ! all the best to me ! Hmm . . i wonder how everyone been doing , really the atmosphere was really freaking busy and like face emotion, haha dont need to describe that because its freak me out XD . . Its been 2 days i didnt go for school , cool ! HAHA , i was just joking , student council this 2 words , i really need to think carefully if i wanna be part of it cause i realized that i've been bad lately , as in late for 30mins to go in class, ehehee~ yeah really . . think of it , previous sem i was really a GOOD STUDENT . . will be back to half good student , i think ? haha . . Land below the wind , now is like land below the water , monsoon season now ~ guess what i'm thinking , if having rehearsal at Kudat , i mean suddenly the rain come, haha ! its like RUN FOR YOUR LIFE ! with the instrument too~
imagine that, it happened before . . wondering now ~ XD

have a nice evening