Friday, October 29, 2010

I still don't get it . .

Miss Glay , apa ni ah ? because i still blur here hahah ! anyway , i follow your style a bit then
introduce 7 things about myself ..

one. i am a music lover ~ same as glay :) when i listen to any music beat , i will start follow it like shake my head :D
two. i like to do something silly , example , eating ice cream and staring at the blue sky :)
three. i like traveling around and explore some old and advance thing , rather than read the book about it, sometimes haha !
four. a movie freak
five. i like cat a lot ! if i have one now i will name "him" MARU x)
six. a sleepyhead
seven. i like fashion but i never change . conclusion same old me :)

Glay , what's the next stage 0.o and you know i don't have that much of friend to tagged XD

Maid Cosplay

I am not addicted or in love in maid cosplay costume but recently i found out that maid cosplay costume quite adorable sometimes :) seriously , not all or what , i'm not saying that i'm hentai or what 0.o maybe because of influence by my course mates in Japanese class , interesting alright ~ Anyhow , there's a Maid Cafe at Asia City , kirameki cafe , let me say a bit of this maid cafe , its very freshy new cafe around here in KK , i can say they are adorable maid :D i don't know others maid cafe , how creative or interesting , but for here Kirameki Cafe is a brand new cosplay cafe , so , its fresh ~ here's the link everydayfoodiluvkk

and i even search some adorable maid cosplay co
stume HAPPY !
this anime is so cute :D
the costume , awesome :D
i don't really know who is this girl , but she's nice with the outfit ahaha !

i am crazy alright x)

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Test Week

Not everyone like test or exam , for me ? sometimes haha !
just done with the test week HAPPY ! Sometimes , test or exam whatever it is . . its kinda stress everyone out , i dont know whether sound ridiculous or not because sometimes i like stress , does it sound crazy ? or my brain burn up ? seriously , i really do wanna have stress cause i can know that what level can i reach or how much of knowledge that i have in my mind , of course the result is your effort , sometimes i believe that haha !

Talk about test , my school gave us a HUGE SURPRISED ALRIGHT , you know what they did to us
JENG JENG JENG ~ we were supposed to have one paper for 1 day and then suddenly during Wednesday morning , lecturer suddenly pronounced later afternoon have another paper due because Friday is holiday , sport day for school 0.o ohh CRAP ! wtf =.= after that , of course all the coursemates said HUH out loud . . have mercy ~.~

oh well . . so whole Wednesday afternoon and evening prepare for the 2 subjects , suddenly i feel like i wanna fight with the stupid lecturer man ==( what an anger , believe me , i wont punch them ) haha :D

Oh well , that's all for today . . recently Miss Amanda and I are having booknerd mode , keep on going to "Times" to book window shopping , like we hope that we can sleep the whole night there ahaha !

That's all for today :)

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I'm having fun

I'm having fun while test week is actually on this week :D Aint that great ? super awesome ! or maybe i just want a relax hour for myself :) a good excuse alright haha maybe my lecturer doesn't like it very much if she heard that ~ hmm ~ What am i doing now , actually just surfing around LOOKBOOK . Yeah , i am totally nerd on fashion but i like to view , A LOT ! just like flipping the magazine more than 1000 pages :D Aint that hilarious ?! Really thank you that people who create look book , but i don't know who he or she is ? Just like facebook as well , i heard my friend said about facebook that , Malaysia is the most user that play facebook 0.o amazing the population is incredibly , for sure that outside there much more population than M'sia but i never expect that's a lot !

Back to the surfing , i didnt play much about my facebook but around blogs , YES XD
that's why i HAPPY and hopefully i won't forgot to do my revision
later on :D haha ! tomorrow will be Japanese language ! :D all the best to myself and my course-mates too :)
one thing is , fashion never bored eh . . and many stuff too ! that hardly to describe here XD hahah !

guess what , i just join my course-mate , Amanda's diet campaign 0.o Not easy . . well all the best to two of us :D
oh tummy ! oh mouth ! oh food ! how to be not in love with you ? haha . . i am just acting silly around . .yeah ! all the best and keep up the good work !

-continue to check on blogs and interesting website-
have a nice blessed day everyone :)
This picture that i copied from a nice blogger as well ! i like picture because its awesome !

Its freaking me . .

Maybe because of i forgot the guy face that made the tissue flower for me , recently , he kept on appeared around the school , my goodness =.= really freaking me out . . how to solve this man ? any opinion ? if not . . it will be hard for me to solve this . . CRAP !

Monday, October 18, 2010

Mulberry Alexa

Mulberry Alexa , its a spring/summer thingy :D AWESOME ! I LOVE THIS BAG A LOT :D
i was wondering that this kins of bag hard to find here in KK because here is like a small capital city . The this is ~ i found one in Suria ! Amazing ! i forgot to check how much was this bag =.= crap . . See tomorrow or few days later i can find this or not :D haha ! the thing is CHOCOLATE ! XD HAPPY ! i don't know weather the bag still there or not because it is so miracle that here have this bag man ! OMG ! MIRACLE ! i can say that i want this bag ! but hopefully , i can have this bag :) i don't know . . hope for a next miracle :D

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

sweet or awkward

To feel that something kinda sweet or awkward toward this kind of situation ?Kinda odd thing happened few days ago ,during that time i was early to reach college , so i can get a nice parking spot around the college , i went to a small restaurant or a cafe shop name Blue Ginger for a breakfast half boiled egg + ham & cheese sandwich as breakfast :D YUMMY !
I was sitting alone [ i'm use to it ] i was listening
to my cellphone[ the song player ] ( i don't know how to say or pronounce that as mp3 ? ) i was so enjoyed that i didn't really care who sitting beside me XD haha ! but i did look around those people while i was eating because the blue ginger not that big , so , it is easy to move around with my head , left right front , haha ! During that time , there were 2 guys sitting next table beside me , one with the gold hair and one with the cap . . They finished their own breakfast , the gold hair guy paid the bill and went out to wait his friend[the one with the cap] , i was looking at the cap guy playing around with his tissue 0.o i didn't really get it . . so i continue listening to my cellphone. When the cap guy went out , he was looking at me for few second, i think ? but i just look at him 1 sec ? because i was looking around anyway .. nothing much i did that time , beside listening music , others i didn't care much . So , the cap guy walked away with his gold hair friend.When i took off my ear-phone , the worker told me the guy just made something for you and another girl that i know also work there and she said the same thing , 那个男生,他做给你的 . . at that time i was half blur and look at the thing on the straw , the something that i describe was a rose that made of tissue [ i said the cap guy playing with the tissue , end up a tissue rose 0.o ]
Awesome alright . . handmade thingy was amazin
g ! he tied it up on the straw :) adorable
Whether the worker or my friend were really telling the truth or not because i don't even know the guy 0.o and sometimes people just made for fun . . The things was , its cute anyway haha . . am i touched because of that ? hmm . . i don't know whether this call sweet or awkward because i don't really know this guy 0
.0 somemore . . we are just same college . . Plus , i don't remember the guys faces anymore hahaha !

it was sweet but awkward 0.o

wanna guess where's the tissue rose gone to ? :) for your information i didn't KEEP it
HAHA ! the worker from the cafe already clean it up :D ! the worker just said then the next few minutes already gone XD

i didn't take the picture at that time , i just find a sample and it looks alike :D

if its for you , what will you think about this .. curios alright
for me , YES , awkward plus with the sweetness ="=

2 pieces of craps

Wondering around " Wisma " with friend of mine during morning , i think . Guess what , some bitched never end showing up with the ass face and rude words , like i said some human they never know what is customer service , huh !? There is a ass face female person , during that time we were searching clothes and my friend was talking to me then suddenly this Auntie talked with us like " what can i do for you " in a harsh way . . WHAT THE CRAP FACE SHE HAD WHEN SHE TALKED TO US LIKE THAT . Anyway , next place , some random worker in one of the shop asked my friend , are you a muslim ? my friend said no ~ and the rude way was the worker said because you look like a muslim ? huh?! WTF was that ? pity my friend ><' for sure i don't like this feeling . . hmm =.=

what a crap that bumped up with these 2 pieces of crap 0.0
-and i started to sound like my friend- everyday seafood- CRAP

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I am addicted with..

Kinda bored or suddenly feel like i wanna update more silly words of mine here haha :D
Recently , i am addicted with kitties that i couldn't hardly wait SERIOUSLY count downing the time here :S
of course not only just one thing i addicted too . . last few days my internet went dead again , so , i was just surfing around my stuff around my notebook , listen to the songs that i h
ad downloaded for more than a year or just 6 months plus , i think ? Yeah , the coolest thing was some songs that still quite nice like before , i mean the feeling that never end :) get what i mean ? hope you do aha ~ what am i listening to ? SAMANTHA JADE - STEP UP , yeah and i put it back to my cellphone and switch it to ring-tone as well :D SUCH MEMORY , i said before , i wanna learn dance like Brianna Evigan ! Yeah, that will never happen ! hahah its like a silly dream of mine :D haha ! let's wait and see . . before that happen , i need to check on my weight man 0.o cause flappy like me . . it makes me freaky 0.0 ALL THE BEST TO ME ="=
Yeap , i was digging all the music here and all i wanna listen now is
step up's COOL song :) some friend of mine quite surprised that i listen to this kind of song , ahaha :D for your information i am ! So, don't be too surprised or can say freak you out XD i am as normal as others girl around here , or maybe i sucks in fashion, THAT'S ALL & I AM WORKING IT ! :)
Oh yeah , the most wonderful thing is i cannot stop surfing around people's blog about their fashion life style , i mean their lifestyle as well . . not only fashion and the way their dress ,
MARVELOUS :D small problem is there are not much of the things that can find here :( nevermind . . as long i can surf around here :) that will be worth it ! right ? ahaha .. hopefully i will be a bit fashionable , A BIT ! because i cannot imagine i change a lot , it will freak myself out 0.0 seriously . . the thing that haven't change is , i am still -chubby- HAHA !
This is just the fact that it is hard for me to deal with it . . ohh Gosh !

Anyway , the kitty that i like [ actually i was surfing around one of the girl's blog that i like to check on , apparently i surfed her blog/photos and i saw her cat , OMG ! love it :) so
i go save it , hope she don't mind :S ]


aint it adorable ? aww~
well , one small problem is , my house is a mess alright , do you ever been to jungle ? or watched the tarzan , maybe like his house ? i was just joking . . i am a girl but i live like a guy ? ahaha ! funny right . . yes i am :)
REALLY , hopefully i can get a cat like this :D yeah i think when i own a house for my own ? maybe .. nobody knows anyway , so , let's wait and see how future will go ~

-the brain of mine still in process that what to "say and type next" -

Anyway ! i wonder how everyone TEN-TEN-TEN DID you all celebrate :)

a piece of crap

I'm not meant to be rude here because its really kinda pissed me off with something , there's a lady here working at somewhere that with the red uniform [well, guess what would that be] haha ! [tell me if you know or you wanna know :) ] the truth is her face was kinda crap face without a smile, even when she talked , more crap than usual . . don't mention about customer service , well , it sucks ! The funny thing was my friend said , bukanlah cantik itu make up pun macam hantu ni , YEAH THAT'S GOOD ONE ! seriously , if that lady don't like to do , so better quit man , you are such a bitch that spoiling the image of a good transportation of flying here . . ass face like yours and craps thing that you treated us , you are such a CRAP ! oh well , some people are like that ? maybe because we are student , maybe some random people may think us like fooling around your beloved time , and bothering you some more ?! Huh ! you must be dreaming.. how i wish i buy a expired pie to smack to your ass face :D AND I KNOW I AM BEING RUDE HERE AHA !
oh well , if ass face like you , better know this , if you have any moody problem, it is your problem , so dont show the crap face to us , you better wait till someone really yell at you FOR GOOD MAN ! some people . . They don't really get it , do they ? oh well . . God bless her and bless me for yelling here and there

Thursday, October 7, 2010

A Girl wants

Recently i want a kitty or cat so badly :( hmm . . now waiting a new born baby kitty from my course-mate name Amanda :D ! Hardly wait man ! patience come success ! Aww . . For now i need to think of budget , YES MONEY ! my goodness . . the funny thing is when i heard a cat just a meow at me , OMG ! it melt my heart LOL ! i mean few times meow not those keep on meow here and there , thats call annoying XD

wait the time to come :)

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Sabah , Borneo as known as LAND BELOW THE WIND .

Last month , i keep on hearing this guy name from my friend Sheena and another friend Glariel[hopefully i spelled her name correctly ?] The newspaper or facebook that network around the internet , there's a guy name what luca lucas ? Don't really know who is he but he has no right to say something bad , pity the teachers or who else that had a "student" that so rude manners , well , although you apologized on the newspaper , i still want to say you know what you did and hopefully will not repeat twice because if you do , you just humiliate yourself and yes our country too ? well , only say once . . will not repeat twice == Really hope you did learn your manners and of course lesson !

Anyway , i was wondering around facebook last few days before my internet went DEAD :x
i managed to read an article from someone else profile , gonna share here ! :) cause it is way better than some annoying human insult sabahan !

Friday, October 1, 2010

i have my own limit

Seriously , i really have my own limit . . My goodness , please man . .
I'm not those "good girl" type that listen to what you said those every words == craps man.. it FREAKS ME A LOT OR CAN SAY ANNOYED ME A LOT TOO ! please man , just because of " you are not my dad" then i had already hurt your feeling 0.o okay , this world are open wided dude , so , calm and dont need to be so surprised , just because of the sentences 0.o then you stopped texting , haha punya main obvious ~ even the facebook, blocked me ~.~ childish ? CAN i describe that word ?