Thursday, June 30, 2011

Hello to me

How come its hello to me as a title ? I think its because of this simple adorable human love just passed again. i can say that i do have this feeling of sadness just right inside my heart , feel like wanna cry out thou , but i tell myself i'll be fine because i live with it . This is human's life , part of growing . Gladly i shared out the feeling already so i can recover my wound . I cross the line but i step back for not hurting deep , i will just maintain a sister to like you . What a smart ass , aint i ? Haha . . i'm fine :)

Today class , it wasn't a nice class to me , gloomy atmosphere around me . WTF ="=
I wonder why ? still . . i didnt burst out my messy feeling during that time because i'm learning something here :) something that can make me strong . So i can be a strong lady ! i mean strong dinosaur . Ha ha ! Okay , end with the gloomy and hello to me again !

Last night , i went to sing k with course mates . Then one of my friend's sister asked for these and end up , i sang with her . Haha ! amazingly ! we sang wonderfully ! :)

What do you think ? S Club 7 .. Aint that cool enough to remember ! :) i hope you do

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I like you

Time passes so fast , haha ! It less than a week and you're going back to the place you belong to :) Back to the place that are you are familiar with , not here , friends that you are normally hang out with and a new environment of high school , the place that is a home to you . Sometimes , i cannot believe my eyes that i might like you , the day i actually know you was around April and now almost end of June . Haha . . what a short period and i eventually like you . Imagining myself slap on my cheek . Funny c:
As a so called sister , glad to teach you something that is right or wrong in some situation . Quite funny that i never expect that i would teach you English and Life-Style habits of yours :)

Although i am staying firm but i still like you , amazing right ? Haha..
Sometimes i can still feel the heart beat when i see you [ shy ] LOL
How long will it stay like this , i dont know .. because like i already said "these is life" , we live with it . Since i'm human , i will remember you as a brother and a friend :) or a little dude that i never expect that i will fell in "like" with you ~ hehe . . Well , "love" is a huge word for me . i dont normally use that c:

A bit sad that less than a week and you're going back :T but no matter what , true friends , they will keep in touch :) and i believe that . Right ? c:

until now , i still like you :)

Thursday, June 2, 2011


Haha ! Today ! i am officially 23 years old , haha God . . I'm old ? No . . Mostly everyone said that right ? Gladly i am still here , being me , wearing pants & skirt , haha ! Thinking the day that is today , my mother gave birth because of me . Amazing ! I am 23 years old already , time flies . .
Thinking back of holding mummy and daddy's hand . The First word you spoke , the first step you rolling around and walk , even cried some more , haha ! So many first that out parents had seen , and now here i am , updating my blog to say thank you mother !

Because of you , i am here . Although i am 23 , i'm not a very smart , intelligent and skillful person but i am still learning and growing to be a better child :) Happy Birthday to mother ! and to me :)

- have a nice blessed birthday to both of us - love you mum :)