Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The day before CNY

It's been a while i didnt update my facebook ! Waa .. Super duper sorry :P
Happy Chinese New Year everyone :D i wonder how's your holiday ? About mine , haha busy working as a Tourist Guide ? Huh ?! Haha .. yes it was :) i had been working for 8 or 9 days before CNY started . Multitasking alright .. Get myself tan a again :D
Before CNY , i went back to KL for 9 days .. At least spent some time with Ah ma and cousins of mine , and doggy also :D . Plus , i had a chance to hang out with Ah Pan ! :) Gladly ! because i know when i came back Sabah , i might end up working , instead of having day off with friends . This year is so different , people having holiday and i am working LOL ! I can said that i was so tiring but i enjoyed it :D

The Funny part was , i was holding banner and waited the guests to come out from terminal and when the guests came out , she asked me : are you Korean ? I was like 0.o hmm ? me ? Haha No :D inside my heart i was happy LOL jumping around :P

 This is Ah Pan , my bestie :D

This is Inai or you can say Henna .. I went to Mari-Mari Cultural Village , again ! 
Yeah ! i was hoping to have this again , Inai Haha Happy ! Happy Me
Then , my guest asked me , how come yours is prettier than mine ?
I was like 0.o oh crap .. i directly change topic and asked her to go front seat hahaha ! 
Just to let you know , i love Inai :)