Thursday, May 26, 2011

Movie Twice !

Seriously ! It is not a joke ! Haha ! i watched pirates of the Caribbean two times ! Yeah !
Do you think i'm nuts ? haha hopefully not because i really love the movie especially the mermaid named Syrena . She's just perfect to be a mermaid inside c: [ happy ] . I had goose bumped when the soundtrack started playing along with the movie ! Amazing !

Well , i came back again , search for the pictures of the mermaid , Syrena ~ Again ! xD

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

i think i just like mermaid a lot !

Good Afternoon Everyone !
Hey miss Annie c:
Yes ! especially high school time , skirt all day long , never skip !
i like pants but still i like skirt haha ^^
Hmm . . Today topic is i like mermaid a lot , or can i say i love mermaid haha !
I mean not only guy like mermaid because normally in the movie , mermaid is super gorgeous !
And i like her ! The name's Astrid Berges-Frisbey ! Syre
na from the Pirates of the Caribbean :)
My goodness , i think fall for a mermaid , LOL !
She's adorable ! Do you like her ? She's pretty and i like her :)

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Normal Day

Today is Sunday ! Recently i like to said "wee wee waa wee wyuu" . Don't ask me why because i have no idea why i like to say that haha !

Recently talk about firm or doubt and etc . It irritates me a lot , gosh ! so better change topic will be nicer haha :) i had a great Sunday , with wearing a skirt to church , 0.0 some of my friends said it look nicer and even said you should wear more like these type LOL !

I'm a girl but like to wear both , pants and skirts ! haha ! Maybe because of school , i wear pants a lot :) Well , everyone know pants are so easy to move around haha ! :D

If you wonder what kind of skirt i wore to church , haha ! old school type haha !

It's Sunday man ! i wanna have ice cream and a friend to talk with :)

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Crossing the line

Crossing the line .. What a nice topic because it just pop up from my friend's idea , ah pan , it seem that i do spend some time to update my blog again . Haha ! Thanks for helping me to distract for a while . While in msn , haha thanks a lot thou ! Well , i can say i firm enough but some action that i faced past few days , for what other people or my friends saw , it didn't really look like i firm enough . I don't know , i can say i didn't get the feeling of it maybe because my prayer do work ? it happen real good . Some reaction were quite adorable but i didn't get the feeling of like it . Although a part was quite shy . Cover myself with jacket while in the lift , Too crowded ! Facing him but my eyes look other side .. hmm .. then what i heard he said 可爱. What a shock 0.o then i looked at him with (o.o)' haha ! -shy- only for few second.

Well , only a wish .. how i wish he' on & so on . Haha it will not happen because this is the fact of the world we are living . For what i know , my friend said you better don't cross the line , maybe for what i see or you see , i just give out a small step .. Maybe some reaction , my friend even said it looks sweet . Huh ? maybe because of i use to it to do such reaction with boys 0.o normal ..

Normal or not , i need to stay firm . hmm.. imagine i bang myself to the wall . Ouch ! That's gonna hurt . LOL ! oh well . . Pray will be a nice answer :) Pray by changing a new line not cut the line because i don't want to hurt the little boy :) and i don't want to hurt myself as well .

- i miss ice cream - LOL

Saturday, May 7, 2011


两年前的我,很单纯的喜欢不该喜欢的人。。然后,现在的我,又来咯。。又回到单纯的喜欢别人的我 。。累~

单纯的喜欢是很可爱,可是我没想到,觉得可爱的你,没想到我会更喜欢你。糟糕!好像不该认识你的,可是就是认识了,oh shit ! 可是我又不解的后悔认识你耶~ 还是觉得很可爱,后悔的是,我很 番薯的更喜欢你,我说如果

如果你不是international student

然后我呢~ 就不会这样"po" 上来啦~

喜欢和爱,是不同的~可是我知道我现在是甚么心情和情况,我也很清醒的不要太过喜欢。我也不能说,请你不要招惹我,行吗?可以吗?这样的话题会很过分吗?很喜欢你的可爱,虽然我有时候不习惯你的撒娇的行为,不知不觉好像慢慢的习惯了一点,趁我没发现就突然间的摸我的头,好像避免不了。。避免我习惯只有和你说:不要再这样,我会很不习惯 [ 朋友教我的] 说真的,如果说太过分,又怕伤到你。。所以,好难说出口>"<



Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Yes i admit that i like this kid , i mean little guy IF he's ...
Haha , once my friend said , enjoy to like this .. because its beautiful ? Yes.. For few moment i did try to enjoy it haha . -shy-
Well , of course it is not everything will be smooth as ice cream :)
Thanks to my bestie ! ah pan :) thank you very much .. i enjoy the chit chat although we're not in the same place , it is always in msn haha ! amazingly we can chat more than 2 hours its incredibly amazing ! haha

my turn to say ? will it be my turn to bang this wall ? or stay firm enough for what i'm facing now ~ Weeeeee ... bang or not bang ! [ a big slap on my forehead ]

Last but not least , i like you little dude but ..... there's too many gap haha .
There always a but or if . . what a world man :)
an advice for myself especially this month , stay firm c: