Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Smart Me

Smart me LOL 
Today's topic funny thou ! i'm thinking to put smart ass but thinking of being rude here =.= ridiculous ~ i wonder how's everyone doing ? Hope you all doing great :)
I'm having a semester break here , a week , to think of it , its kinda short holiday for me LOL because nothing to do much :T Sometimes just feel free to surf around fashion blog , such as miss annie :D blog and others . . Very smart ! i like it very much . . To tell you the truth i don't have a very good sense in fashion but i'm good at in sense of humor haha ! If talk about my life style , sometimes a bit boyish and sometimes very girly 0.o , skip the girly part haha ! Recently i wear jeans and simple T shirt as my daily out-fit [ The beautiful sun is too sexy to shine ] Ugh.. Haha and My Ray Ban ! Wee ! i finally had my own Ray Ban ! :D Super Duper Happy ! Seriously ! Plus it all together like i'm in beach side . . haha ! 

Recently i've meet a Korean friend , its kinda happy to hang around with "him" :D [ there's a but ]  BUT am i too baby face =.= ? my age is start with chapther 2 but adults always mistaken with my age , they normally say : Are you 17 ? huh o.o''' or just finish SPM huh 0.o''' Kinda Funny to hear these conversation . Do you ever have this kind of situation happen before ? Hehe..

Last night , i was hanging out with my friends and i didn't realize my friend would said that , i'm a smart person ! huh ?! haha. .  Kinda Funny , maybe because of hang around with Korean friend ? She said i'm kinda smart as in meeting people also very smart LOL . Then i said " so do you feel smart to hang out with me" Then she said " yes"  - sudden pause - Hahaha thank you ! Actually i never think that i'm smart because i am not , but thank you for saying that ! it makes me fly for few seconds LOL , i am just joking ! Well , i don't have a pretty face to show someone i'm smart , but for what i know , i told my friend that , smart is come out from you , it glows out from the inside :)

Hahahahaha ! i couldn't believed it ! Someone just said i'm smart HUH ! Happy ! 
But there's a huge condition that i need to face , i'm still chubby =.= ugh... need to find solution here . Haha ! cheers chubby ! 

For your information , start next week 19th of Sept , i'm gonna start my tour guide course. Amazingly , i can't wait ! This week is a slow down week , and coming week . . will be a brand new life style ! Haha super tan here i come :D 

Friday, September 2, 2011

Without title

I have no idea what to think this title for now , so no title will be nice haha !
Hmm.. Recently i met some new friends and it was a nice time being with them as well . One thing that i didnt realized is , whenever i go , i bumped up with friends haha ! Kinda small city eh ? i dont know..

Because my friend told me so , why whenever you go , you just couldnt stop say hi ? haha . .
Yeah . . Just a luck maybe ? [ getting myself in a low profile , again ] :T

Meet some new friends is the best part of my life , recently i hang out with a Korean Friend name Rino :) Glad to know Rino alright ! Haha " i'm gonna learn extra korean lesson frm Rino as well" Happy !

Although we've met in not really long time ? But i glad our conversation are/were super duper fantastic ^-^
and i wish it wont be past tense , i'm going to look forward on future conversation as well LOL . Hope it works !

haha brain's going blank . end here .

Jeng Jeng Jeng

The moment of wanting to update my blog , my friend just called me to go out now . Great ! 
Stay tune.