Monday, March 12, 2012

Getting delay

Hey sorry everyone for the delay ! 
Superb one 0.o

After CNY , i was really busy with worked till funny rumors keep on coming out such as i have so called relationship with drivers .. ? HUH ridiculous , i guess 0.o'

Well , 4th of March , my grandma passed away on Sunday , It was so sudden ! At that time , i was having a tea break with Din after receiving this news , my tears started to drop so conclusion Din asked me to go back to the car .. so i can have place to chill without a lot of people stared at me , Poor Din ... i guessed some people actually thought that he bullied me .. aww i liked him :) thanks for the helped Din ! ( well , he's not even in blogger ) Haha ! I did tell Din , glad he was with me at that time because kinda crazy day , after done with the tears and then continue work like crazy lady , NOT COOL BUT ENJOYED :D

Took myself a few days off so can clear my mind off and went back to attend my ah ma's funeral , rest in peace grandma :)

After i came back , rumors continues ! Tiring or what ?
Some more , there's a junior kid i like .. my friends thought he's gay ?! oh WTF ! 
At that time my mind was totally what in the world its happening to all those good looking guy ?! Huh .. Shock ! Surprised ! Freak out alright ! Well ... Then something crap happened that day .. well .. conclusion was he's still him :)

Rumors between Din and I .. havent end . Ugh ! 

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