Thursday, November 17, 2011


This is not what i expected . Firstly , i thought that its kinda cute and funny when i know that the junior likes me for quite some times , around 2 semester ago . Recently , i heard more than one info about he likes me , 3 of girls told me and asked me the same question , do i like him ? what you feel ? will you like him ? After seeing him ,what did you feel ? what is this ?! i can still keep this as like " i dont know anything" . i can handle some of it but recently just because he's getting to be nice or close to me , i try to reject in a good way because i dont have the feeling of liking him and i dont wanna hurt him also FOR THE SAKE OF GOD !  WHAT IS THIS ? The burden is getting heavier after i heard one of the girl told me more about him , feeling gloomy because he scare he might lose me ? what is this :( Then this girl asked me again , do you like him ? ALL I CAN SAY , PLEASE STOP ASKING ME ..
I really wish i can have my bestie here , to drive me around like nobody business :)

If really wanna talk about it , i can say , he's a good guy , last time my friends asked me "if" he likes you and now , FOR THE SAKE OF GOD ! he do really likes me :T for what i know , he likes me since 2 semesters ago. Now i keep on wondering , what does he like about me ? Its like having a dramatic scene here =.= i hate this .. But i wanna say i dont hate him , the junior , i just dislike ppl keep on asking me the same thing . Just because of i wanna graduate soon , so these kind of questions ask by these 3 girls. After knowing all these, i still keep this emotion in me and dont wanna show it out .. so everything will be smooth and stupid thing was, i didnt expect i just hurt him ? and funny thing was, i feel guilty ?! WTHeck   is this ? The reason that why he upset , i already knew , its kinda sweet for what he did , although its kinda clumsy too ? Well . . totally no comment about it . F ! hmph ! Ugh ! Trying to be okay and scare to hurt ppl . End up , like i am the one in INSANE mode soon .  

This is not what i want but i dont want to hurt him too :T
stupid burden , kinda tiring . 
I hope i can find a good answer :) Let's go with the flow , Shall I ? :)

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