Friday, December 9, 2011

It's getting near

Oh my Goodness !!!
Its getting near , Christmas is coming 0.o To think about it what happened this whole year , and all i can think of is .. oh i am still that chubby ?! Kinda sad to type it out here .. Oh well . .  Next year again ! And again , yeah kinda plan to go for a Mount hiking , Mountain Kinabalu ! Here comes the exercise :P i did thou . . i can say i am not a good runner ! ="= Wish me all the best LOL ! 

How i wish ..
To get a nice camera 
To get a nice Nike sport shoe
To get a nice cellphone 
To be a better sense of humor person :D
To get a nice body ? if i work it out ="= Tsk tsk tsk..

Haha .. all i can say "i wish" :) Don't worry .. i am not gonna raise my hand out and say : mummy daddy i want these ? LOL ..

i am waiting for next year :) so i can get an official job :D and earn my own money again ! haha ! i wish ! Just so you know :) i am waiting my Tour Guide license to come out , and i hope that i will be a awesome marks because i dont want a boohoo result ="= especially nearly Xmas day :T If i fail , my goodness .. i just better go for DJ or a study vocal . What the heck , so money to dump 0.o i dont want that (T.T)

I had been busy for a while and to think back , maybe because if Halloween night and Exam fever last week .. Time Flies ! Semester 7 coming soon , that will be my internship :) Just because of all these , i almost been away from those fashion life style i always stalk LOL , my pet - guppies and recently i didnt go for a jog :( Crap . . But dont worry i will come back again , very soon ! So that's why , now i am starting to stalk fashion lifestyle  people's again .. this wonderland of mine never end :)

About the fashion lifestyle that i stalk .. Haha i am still me , a dinosaur LOL :D

I wonder how is Miss ANNIE doing :) Hope she's having a nice winter day

Recently , i was driving around .. i have heard a song .
The singer is Christina Perri ,  i can say that i am not really a huge fan of her but one of her song " A Thousand Years " is Amazing ! Thumb's up for this song :)

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