Saturday, December 31, 2011

New days always come

Count down from the first day till now .. Mostly people do that :) i guess
Christmas already past and a new year come , the biggest failure is .. i haven't even loss any weight ! Ugh ! Haha .. That's it ! New Year , New inspiration again ? :) Yes i am ! Weee 
The funny thing was , i was watching "the crazy thing called love" , its a Thailand movie :)
It's kinda silly but maybe it might work ? For me to loss weight :P

This year so many things happen , but really think about it .. kinda forgot ? Hahahaaa seriously i am not joking .. But i guess , neat year will be more challenging :) GET A FIT LIFESTYLE ! i think this will be first one to think about :D Seriously !? :(
Life is getting interesting here , talk about guys .... Hahahahahaha i have no idea what had happened to me ="= describe as in tiring ? enjoying ? insulting ? loving ? caring ? Haha .. still searching and try to enjoy :)
This year Christmas i didn't receive any present but i did get a present that was gathered with family and enjoy durian time together :) The moment of being together with family . I bet you are better than mine . Right :D

Since today is 31st of December 2011 , Think about what you achieved this whole year , what have you did .. Haha same here ... the thing i achieved was i gained weight ? WTH ! Another thing is .. i just finished my LNG course as in Licensed Nature Guide Course , Whao ... seriously i never think of getting one and yes now i am waiting for the result and the small little card with my picture on it , identity card for guide . That will be my next year life :) Thinking about swimming but firstly get myself a swimming suit .. ugh ! 烦 ! And an easy one , cycling .. Or even do seat up ... So i can a fit life and even a proper meal ! :D
and now how to dress myself properly .. since this year , i always consider myself as in dinosaur haha ...

Suddenly dont know what to say .. Have a nice blessed wonderful new year everyone ! Take care and stay amazing people :D

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